General Hospital Spoilers: Valentin Makes The Toughest Decision Of His Life, Is This Goodbye?

Valentin Cassadine (James Patrick Stuart) seems to have done a 180° in the personality department. During his heartfelt discussion with Charlotte’s (Scarlett Fernandez) Grandmother, Laura Spencer Collins (Genie Francis), Valentin displayed a new side of himself. He wore his heart on his sleeve as he expressed to Laura his love for his and Lulu’s (Emme Rylan) daughter. Laura saw something in him that she had never seen before, and explained to Lulu that Valentin truly wants what is best for Charlotte.

Charlotte overheard her Mom and Grandma talking about how Valentin plans to walk away from Charlotte for her own good. Charlotte loves nothing more in this world than her Father, and begged him to stay. Charlotte told Valentin she heard her mom and Grandma talking and she knows he wants to leave her. Valentin replied by stating, “I could never ever WANT to leave you…” In that moment he denied wanting to leave but didn’t deny leaving. Charlotte continued her plea with, “Papa, I know you’re leaving, I know you are. Please, take me wherever you’re going!”

General Hospital spoilers revealed Valentin is willing to give up Charlotte, and stop the fight against Lulu for custody. He truly wants what is best for his daughter and does not want his actions to be the guide Charlotte follows for everyday life lessons. He feels he is a bad influence on her and wants someone like Laura to mold and shape his little girl.

General Hospital rumors have been circulating, claiming Valentin will leave town, leaving Charlotte to live with Lulu. If Valentin leaves, it’s likely Charlotte will rebel and start showing stronger signs of Helen’a personality shining through. Previous General Hospital spoilers hinted at a possible union between Valentin and Nelle Benson (Chloe Lanier). If Charlotte is able to convince Valentin to stay, General Hospital rumors suggest he will then want to keep Charlotte close, and resort to turning to Nelle, taking her up on her offer to work together.

General Hospital news and spoilers reveal James Patrick Stuart has not made any indications that he is leaving General Hospital or that his character would be leaving town. So far, there are no plans of writing James Patrick Stuart and his character, Valentin, out of the script.

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