General Hospital News: Emme Rylan Back On Schedule In LA After One Full Year

Last year, General Hospital star, Emme Rylan was unexpectedly and shockingly “let go” from her role on the daytime drama as Lulu Spencer Falconeri. The news caught the screws by surprise, and along with other unfortunate circumstances, she and her family had to leave their home and travel.

General Hospital news reported that Emme had recently taken to IG to inform her followers that she is headed back to LA. General Hospital rumors immediately began circulating, surrounding rumors of her return to GH.

General Hospital news and spoilers now reveal that Rylan is back to a set schedule now that she is back in LA. She revealed in an Instagram video, that for the first time in one whole year, she has dropped her children off at school.

It has definitely been quite a year for us all, and things are now starting to look up. It’s possible that Emme Rylan and her family have returned to settle back into LA due to Rylan’s career. GH rumors claim Lulu could be waking up sooner than Ganda had thought.

We are so excited for Emme and her family as they are gradually returning to “normalcy,” and sincerely hope this is a clue that she will be returning to GH as Lulu I’m the near future.

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