General Hospital spoilers: Nina Makes A Power Move Over Michael As Her Last Ditch Effort- The New Mrs. Corinthos Assumes Her Title Among All Else

Nina tells Sonny herself
Nina tells Sonny herself

Nina Reeves sure has done well for herself. Certainly, she came a long way from her horrible past. When she first arrived in Port Charles in 2014, Nina was in a bad way. Coming fresh from a coma, Nina was all out of sorts. But the most unsettling aspect is that she was actively pulling calculated schemes.

Despite falling victim to her mother Madeline Reeves, Nina has since crawled herself out of the hole she was in. Somehow, the woman who abducted a pregnant Ava and induced labor to steal her baby is sitting on top of Port Charles. As General Hospital recaps recall, Nina used lies and deception to land herself a high-profile man. And not just any man, but Carly Corinthos’s (Laura Wright) husband. She managed to sever a family with her selfish and criminal choices.

Finally, General Hospital spoilers and rumors tease that Nina’s days on her thrown are numbered. Now that Michael knows the truth and confronted Nina, once again she answers to her son-in-law. According to General Hospital spoilers that may have flown in the past but Nina isn’t going to take it this time. GH Rumors tease that the new Mrs. Corinthos assumes her title, taking not only Sonny’s name, but his sense of empowerment.

Carly Corinthos and Nina Reeves

Nina Tells Sonny Herself

Currently, Michael has Nina backed into a corner. With Willow as his first priority, Michael calls the shots yet again. Michael looks out for his family in the ways he knows best. Right now Willow’s mother is a threat to the family and Michael keeps a close watch. In what seems like a never ending saga, the storyline takes a turn when Nina makes a power move over Michael.

GH spoilers tease that Nina’s sick and tired of being bullied by Sonny’s family and she takes matters into her own hands. Will she come clean to Sonny before he finds out the hard way? Now that they’re married, Nina has a sense of security with Sonny. Although she’s aware of the possibility, Nina’s no longer fixated on Sonny leaving her. But you know what they say, things happen when we least expect them.

General Hospital Spoilers: Willow Gets A Surprise Visit, Will Harmony Reveal The Truth About The Heart Pendant?

As she sits in the courtroom at her son’s custody hearing, Nelle Benson (Chloe Lanier) is clutching a heart shaped pendant she recently found. Nina Reeves miraculously has the other half, leading some to believe that Nelle must be Nina’s daughter. However, General Hospital spoilers show that things aren’t always as they seem.

General Hospital spoilers reveal Harmony Miller (Inga Cadranel) has been involved in some shady dealings. Nina’s mother, Madeline Reeves (Donna Mills), was involved in the disappearance of her own grandchild. Nina was drugged and her baby was stolen all by the word of her own mother. General Hospital rumors claim Harmony is Willow’s adoptive mother, adopting Willow from Madeline and handling the shady business deal with Frank Benson (Nelle’s father).

Willow already disclosed to Nina that her mother travels lightly. So the suspicions around the necklace take into consideration that Harmony travels lightly and likely left the necklace behind at Frank Benson’s place, where Nelle could have gotten the necklace and kept it as her own.

General Hospital spoilers reveal Willow gets a surprise visitor next week. GH rumors hint that the visitor could be Harmony. It’s possible that Harmony notices the pendant and outwardly talks about how she has seen that necklace before. This could jog some memories for all involved and come to the realization that the necklace didn’t originally belong to Nelle…

Will Harmony spill the beans consciously or inadvertently?

General Hospital Spoilers: Nina Learns Nelle Has The Half Heart Pendant And Feels Compelled To Testify

Nina Reeves (Cynthia Watros) has been in a long, ongoing search for her long lost biological daughter. Nina has a feeling her daughter is out there somewhere, but after being let down and trusting the wrong people so many times, parts of Nina wants to give up while part can’t let it go. Nina was recently shown holding onto a half heart shaped pendant.

Previously, General Hospital spoilers revealed that the other half of the necklaces was in the possession of none other than Nelle Benson (Chloe Lanier). Although Nelle has the necklace in her possession, things aren’t exactly as they seem.

General Hospital rumors claim the necklace actually belongs to Willow Tait (Katelyn MacMullen) and got lost in the shuffle and left behind. It’s been noted that Willow’s mom, Harmony Miller (Inga Cadranel) travels light. Frank Benson has been rumored to have helped Madeline Reeves (Donna Mills) with the adoption, giving Nina’s baby (presumed to be Willow), to Harmony. If Frank Benson took the necklace from Harmony, that could by how Nelle has it today.

General Hospital spoilers claim Nina will learn that is Nelle clutching the pendant and immediately get flooded with emotions. She’ll think she feels a connection with Nelle, believing she is her daughter since she has the other half.

At this point it’s uncertain whether nelle is actually Nina’s daughter, if she and Willow are twins, or if Willow is Nina’s daughter. General Hospital rumors are all over the place and no GH spoilers have been leaked to confirm any info.

General Hospital Spoilers: Nina and Valentin’s Wild Wedding, DNA Results Are In, Nikolas Exposed At Wedding

Nina has been to Hell and back between betrayals from her own Mother, Madeline Reeves (Donna Mills), her love Valentin Cassadine (James Patrick Stuart), and the young women, Sasha Gilmore (Sofia Mattsson) who led Nina to believe she was her daughter.

Nina has had enough and she continues with her plan to trick Valentin into thinking they will get married. Although she does love him and is having difficulty with the whole situation, second guessing her decision to expose and end things for good with Valentin, Nina will most likely not actually marry Valentin. Nina has a little something up her sleeve to prove Valentin was lying the entire time about Sasha. She is running another DNA test to prove Valentin used Madeline’s hair strands as a sample to achieve the falsified Mother-Daughter DNA results. General Hospital spoilers reveal Nina will get confirmation on what she already knows about Valentin.

The chaos at the wedding will not be limited to Nina and Valentin’s situation. As Nina goes back and forth with her feelings, Jax (Ingo Rademacher) hopes Nina will not stoop to this level and make a public scene, a sudden distraction faces the crowd. General Hospital spoilers reveal Nikolas Cassadine (Marcus Coloma) will be exposed in front of the majority of Port Charles, at Nina and Valentin’s wedding.

General Hospital Spoilers: Is Nelle Valentin’s Darkest Secret Yet? Will Nina Finally Know Who Her Daughter Is?

When it comes to Valentin Cassadine (James Patrick Stuart) there is no telling what he is capable of. His most recent betrayal to the one he loves, Nina (Cynthia Watros) was the last straw. General Hospital spoilers reveal that despite Nina’s seemingly affectionate behavior toward her almost husband, Valentin, Nina is out for revenge on the man that has claimed to love her yet betrayed her in the most hurtful way. Nina has been on a quest for years to find the daughter she thought she lost when she was under the control of her own mother, Madeline Reeves (Donna Mills). Nina had thought she found the missing piece to her life when Sasha Gilmore (Sofia Mattsson) presented herself as Nina’s daughter at the orders of Valentin Cassadine. Now that Nina knows the truth, and Valentin was behind the ruse this whole time, she is ready for payback.

But was Sasha Valentin’s only pawn in this “Nina’s daughter identity game?” Perhaps not. General Hospital spoilers hint toward the possibility that Valentin has more interest in Nelle Benson (Chloe Lanier) than anyone thought. Attorney Martin Gray (Michael E. Knight) had agreed to take on Nelle’s case and has been working in her defense (so we think). However, his law skills haven’t been of benefit to Nelle since she is still sitting behind bars in Pentonville. He’s been representing her pro bono, which raises a red flag. It seems Martin Gray isn’t just “helping” Nelle in an attempt to win a Good Samaritan award.

General Hospital spoilers insinuate this could be yet another secret of Valentin Cassadine, and the he has hired Martin to represent Nelle, not to help her, but to make sure she stays locked up. Valentin received an update on Nelle from Gray, which leads viewers to wonder why Valentin would be so interested.

Nelle and Valentin have a rocky past dating back to the days she worked as a nanny for his daughter, Charlotte Cassadine (Scarlett Fernandez), when Nelle tried to blackmail Valentin and he turned the tables on her.

Nina has been in search of the daughter she thought she lost back when she was in a coma and under the control of her own mother, Madeline Reeves (Donna Mills). As if Nina hasn’t been hurt enough throughout the years for holding onto hope she will someday find her daughter, now she may be facing another disappointing outcome. She is just starting to get over the heartbreak when she found out that Sasha Gilmore had been lying this entire time and posing as Nina’s daughter, under the orders of Valentin and Nina is ready to get revenge on him.

How will Nina take the news if the GH rumors are true and Nelle Benson is actually Nina’s biological daughter? Is Valentin keeping Nelle away from Nina with pure intentions? It’s possible Valentin just doesn’t want toxic Nelle in Nina’s life. In some way, if Valentin is keeping Nelle’s identity as Nina’s daughter a secret, it could be to protect Nina. GH viewers do know that Valentin is sort of capable of love, as he truly does love his daughter, Charlotte, as well as Nina. Nina is already done with Valentin as she seeks out revenge, but when this truth bomb gets dropped, Nina will be even more shaken by yet another lie and deep dark secret from Valentin.

General Hospital Spoilers: Nina and Kiki Grow Closer

NinaKikimotherWhen Nina Clay first came to Port Charles she was there for one thing and one thing only, REVENGE. Her outlook on Kiki Jerome was a pretty grim one. Nina had it out for Kiki simply because she was the product of her husband Silas’ affair with Ava Jerome. Nina wanted so badly to be a mother to Silas’ child, but that was all taken away from her by her evil mother, Madeline Reeves.

As Franco and Nina make their way into Silas’ old apartment, Kiki is dealing with the aftermath of losing her father, and finding out her mom, Ava Jerome, and he boyfriend Morgan Corinthos had betrayed her. Franco has a soft place in his heart for Kiki. When she first came to Port Charles, Ava had told him that she was his daughter. Franco ended up growing loving feelings toward Kiki and now he feels the need to care for her and protect her as if she were his own.

It seems like Kiki has lost a lot in her life the past few months. She no longer has her boyfriend due to the fact her cheated on her with her mom, she doesn’t have a relationship with her mom, Ava, because of this, and her father was senselessly murdered by Madeline Reeves.


But what if…? What if Kiki is able to gain a family after losing hers? Sure, we know that Silas is her father and Franco isn’t, but what if Franco became a father figure to Kiki? We have been lead to believe that Silas cheated on Nina with Ava and Ava got pregnant. As the story was told, Ava got pregnant with Silas’ baby (Kiki) and Nina was in a coma for 20 years, all because her mom Madeline wanted to get Silas away from Nina. General Hospital rumors have claimed very early on that there is something wrong with this scenario. Fans believe that Madeline and Ava teamed up in order to get Silas away from Nina. GH rumors suggest that Madeline had Ava take Nina’s baby and claim it was her own. That in fact, Ava had never gotten pregnant by Silas. Could it be? Madeline has done some evil things to her own daughter Nina. Would she tell her that she lost her baby all while she was living with Ava Jerome this entire time? We think yes! Nina Clay could very well be Kiki’s biological mother. What do you think?

Today on General Hospital, Maxie meets Madeline…

Donna MillsIt’s been a long time coming, but today on GH, Maxie meets Nathan’s Mom. Well, aunt, but as Liesl Obrecht is actually his mother, Madeline raised him.
General Hospital spoilers reveal that today’s scenes are must-see.
Kirsten Storms (Maxie Jones) warns fans via Twitter, “you don’t wanna miss it.”
What will these two feisty ladies think of one another? They do have one thing in common, their love for Nathan, but will that be enough for these two to get along?
Watch what happens between Maxie and Madeline on today’s General Hospital.

General Hospital BIG Reveal! Will Nina Learn She Has a Daughter?

Ever since Nina woke up from her coma and landed in Port Charles she has been out for revenge. Revenge against her husband, Silas Clay for cheating on her, revenge against Ava Jerome for being Silas’s mistress and for having his baby, Kiki. She has had it out for many others including Sam Morgan because she was involved with Silas romantically. Her mother just may have been number 1 on her list, even before Silas. Her mother, Madeline Reeves is responsible for putting Nina in a coma while she was pregnant. Madeline wanted Nina and Silas apart and she wanted to get her hands on Nina’s money.

It looks as though Ava and Silas didn’t meet by accident. Madeline had a lit to so with the situation between Silas and Ava, as she put Ava in Silas’ path so that his relationship with her daughter Nina would fall apart. General Hospital rumors have been circulating from the very beginning that the baby Nina supposedly lost will turn out to be alive and in Port Charles. BIG General Hospital rumors claim that it will finally all go down between Nina, Madeline, Ava, and Silas, and Kiki.

Ava is the only mother Kiki Jerome has ever known. Her whole life she has believed that Ava was her mother and that her father was dead. She recently found out that she was the daughter of the sociopathic artist. Franco, but even that turned out to be a lie. Kiki now knows that Silas Clay is her real father… but what she may find out will shock Port Charles.

Kiki’s upbringing was full of lies and deceit from her mother and there just may be another huge BOMBSHELL. Word out in social media is that Nina will get the shock of her life when she learns that her mother Madeline and Ava Jerome conspired to take Nina’s baby (Kiki) and pass her off as her own.

What do you think? Will Kiki end up being the daughter of Silas and Nina? We think so!

Don’t Miss the Premiere of ‘Queens of Drama’ With Vanessa Marcil, Donna Mills and More

This Sunday night is full of must see television which includes watching our favorite daytime soap opera, General Hospital, wipe the floor with all those Daytime Emmy nominations! You can find the Daytime Emmy’s broadcast on cable’s Pop TV channel at 8PM Eastern/Standard time.

After the Daytime Emmy’s, don’t turn the channel! Two of General Hospital’s most amazing women will be of six soap stars featured on the premiere of Queens of Drama. You can catch General Hospital’s fan favorites Vanessa Marcil (Brenda Barrett) and GH newcomer Donna Mills (Madeline Reeves) on the premiere episode of Pop TV’s Queens of Drama, airing immediately after the Daytime Emmy award ceremony, at 10PM Eastern/Standard time.

Check out the trailer below.

Sebastian Roche Returns to General Hospital as the Ruthless Jerry Jacks!

It has been confirmed that one of General Hospital’s most feared villains will be returning to the canvas later this Fall! Sebastian Roche is returning to General Hospital to reprise his role as the bad boy brother of Jasper Jacks. Jerry Jacks has always been the black sheep of the Jacks family, causing disappointment and heartache to his Mother, Father, and brother.

It has been said that Roche’s first scenes will be with Constance Towers (Helena Cassadine), Kathleen Gati (Dr. Obrecht), and Donna Mills (Madeline Reeves).

In upcoming potential story lines, it has been suspected that Helena Cassadine will have a task for Jerry Jacks in regard to Fluke.

Jerry Jacks owes Ava and Julian Jerome for saving his life the night that He held Bobbie Spencer hostage on the roof of the Metro Court. Luke Spencer saved her life…  what will happen to Luke now that Jerry is back?

Sebastian Roche started taping scenes last week, September 16th, at Prospect Studio.

Keep watching General Hospital for more exciting drama this Fall!