General Hospital Spoilers: Laura Takes The Reins From Victor, Puts Nikolas In Witness Protection?!

What happens to Nikolas on GH

Nikolas goes into witness protection?! Laura is fighting for her family’s strength as Victor Cassadine’s (Charles Shaughnessy) reach has a tight grip on her son. After all his bad choices and Victor’s threats; we have to wonder, what happens to Nikolas?

General Hospital news reports confirm Marcus Coloma is wrapping up his 3 year run as Nikolas Cassadine. The news devastated fans while GH rumors surrounding the exit details spread like wildfire.

General Hospital comings and goings news reports that Coloma’s last scenes will air at the end of January. That being said, Nikolas Cassadine’s future is in question.

What Happens to Nikolas?

There are a few theories floating around the General Hospital rumor mill. One claims Nik will pay for what he’s done to Esme Prince (Nikolas). As a result of becoming her captor, Nik could wind up in Pentonville. Another theory involves Victor, claiming Nik will now become his prisoner! On the contrary, GH rumors hint that Laura turns the tables and takes the reins from Victor. As Mayor of Port Charles, Laura has the capability to ensure safety for Nikolas if she works quickly. GH spoilers reveal Laura desperately pleads for her son’s well being. Will her efforts deliver a positive outcome?

General Hospital Blog: Truth Or Cover Story- The Reason A Recast Fills Marcus Coloma’s Final Scenes

Marcus Coloma’s last scenes

Marcus Coloma’s last scenes! The role of Nikolas Cassadine was introduced in 1996. Actor and “Best Actor”Emmy winner Tyler Christopher originated the role, giving the Dark Prince his iconic persona.

As per General Hospital news reports, Tyler Christopher had passed the baton several times over the years before ultimately landing with Marcus Coloma. Coloma joined the cast of General Hospital in 2019. Over the duration a three-year contract, Marcus became Nikolas’ new face, becoming a familiar figure to fans. Marcus was embraced and loved as he brought Nikolas back to life.

Marcus Coloma’s Final Scenes- Truth or Cover Story

Recent General Hospital spoilers and GH comings and goings reveal Marcus’ contract ended and was not renews. Immediately, GH rumors began circulating about how things went down behind the scenes. It was rumored that Marcus Coloma refused to film his last scenes.

However, recent reports suggest that the 3 year GH star and the show’s producers decided it was best he didn’t film his last scenes due to a recent Covid exposure. Prior to this story, claims surrounding Coloma’s alleged refusal to film his last scenes flooded social media platforms.

The rumors regarding Marcus Coloma’s last scenes sparked controversy between fans who believed the Covid exposure story was simply a cover story to minimize the real life behind the scenes drama.

General Hospital comings and goings give a little insight on what to come. We can’t say either way how the events between Nikolas Cassadine’s portrayer Marcus Coloma unfolded. But, we can say that Coloma’s last scenes as Nikolas Cassadine will air in late January. 

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General Hospital Spoilers: Marcus Coloma Sends Message To Fans, Reveals Reason For Nikolas Cassadine Recast

Nikolas Cassadine recast Marcus Coloma Adam Huss

Marcus Coloma reveals reason for Nikolas Cassadine recast! GH news reports confirmed Adam Huss stepped into Coloma’s role as Nikolas Cassadine.

Marcus is one of the most engaging General Hospital stars on Instagram. His almost daily posts feature himself alone in his own home, as well as, himself with friends and co-stars. Marcus and Maurice Benard spend a lot of time together at work and in their personal lives. Marcus enjoys sharing his life with fans in silly and sometimes serious matters.

General Hospital spoilers reveal GH star Marcus Coloma reached out to fans via Instagram. Coloma explained his recent absence from General Hospital in a video shared to his personal IG page. Fans questioned Nik’s new look, leading to Coloma’s announcement. He revealed the reason for this week’s Nikolas Cassadine recast, stating he had Covid one month prior. Due to the filming schedule, the episodes filmed a month ago are now being aired. 

General Hospital comings and goings news reports confirmed actor Adam Huss would temporarily play Nikolas Cassadine. GH spoilers from Marcus reveal he will be back on screen next week. He shared a video of himself dancing to Carly Rae Jepsen’s (featuring Rufus Wainwright), “The Loneliest Time.” under the video reads a caption stating, “So here’s the deal, thank you all for the
lovely love, I should be back on the screen next week ????????????❤️❤️❤️”

Co-stars Nicholas Alexander Chavez and Finola Hughes left comments for their friend. Take a look at Marcus Coloma’s post below!