General Hospital News: Genie Francis Defends Friend After Maurice Benard Clears The Air On Misconstrued Emmy Speech

Last Friday, June 25th, 2021, The 48th annual Daytime Emmy Awards took place at 8PM, on CBS.

General Hospital news reports happily announced GH took home some major category wins, including, Outstanding Lead Actor in a Drama Series. Maurice Benard made his fans, family, cast and crew proud when he claimed the award. Just like most winners, Benard accepted the award with an acceptance speech. However, some fans have taken his words and turned them into something they are not.

General Hospital spoilers reveal Benard has had to clear the air regarding the misconstrued content of his speech. After fans claimed he had referred to himself as, “the star of the show,” co-star, Genie Francis discloses she was approached by her dear friend with something to get off his chest.

In the tweet below, Genie explains how Maurice came to her with his concerns about the situation, explaining how true intentions behind his acceptance speech.

Fans of Benard also came to his defense and the replied to Genie’s tweet came pouring on Twitter timelines.

We know that Maurice’s intentions are pure and he is a kind, humble man, with a huge heart. Congratulations again to Maurice Benard on his big Emmy win!

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