General Hospital Spoilers: Russian Mob Uses Gloria To Get To Sonny, Is Yuri A Friend Or Foe?

GH Spoilers: Yuri Uses Gloria to Reach Sonny Yuri GH
Yuri Uses Gloria To Reach Sonny

Let’s be honest, the everyday grind isn’t easy. In fact, most of us fantasize about ways to live without being a slave to money until we die. Although the typical 8-5 workday isn’t the most appealing, the grass isn’t always greener on the other side.

Taylor Swift once said, “Don’t you know that cash ain’t the only price?” Sure, someone you know might have body guards, an endless coffee supply, a private island as a safe-house, or designer clothes, a room at the Metro Court, or all of the above. But what is the price outside of monetary terms for the finer things in life? Often times money can buy frivolous purchases but it’s how the money was earned that sits uncomfortably with some people. Or not. Sadly, some people can sleep like a baby while knowing that they are the reason for someone’s pain and suffering.

On the flip side, others life everyday in constant fear of the enemy. That’s when protecting your own becomes more than your first priority. More importantly, an attempt to fortify your entire family’s world becomes your way of life. Port Charles mob boss Sonny Corinthos is a powerful man. Yet, he continues to find himself at odds with a new enemy.

Is Yuri A Friend Or Foe?

A body guard is a highly trusted, highly skilled professional that is hired to protect another person or group. So far, the Quartermaine’s bodyguard Yuri (Cyrus Hobbi) meets both of those expected attributes. He’s been nothing but kind and helpful to the Q clan, especially Brook Lynn (Amanda Setton). Yuri even called her by a nickname. From the looks of things, Yuri is quite fond of Miss BLQ and the entire Quartermaine family.

The Russian Mob 2008

Despite his big Teddy bear-like assets, Yuri could very well be a plant. No, not the kind that grows upon water and sunlight, but rather a decoy. Apparently, Yuri may not be the all-powerful protector like we all thought. Is Yuri there to carryout his obligation to serve and protect the Quartermaine family? Or is the Russian stationed with ulterior motives? General Hospital recaps highlight the year 2008 and its Russian storyline. Sonny had a new enemy, Karpov.

General Hospital spoilers and rumors, Yuri insinuates himself into Gloria Cerullo’s (Ellen Travolta) predicament with the Russian mob. He doesn’t rent to help Gloria. In reality, this is all part of a grander plan to get to Sonny.

General Hospital Spoilers: Vanessa Marcil’s Work Ethic Raised Concerns With Former Co-Star, Gets Called Out; Was It A Lesson Learned?

If you have been following soap operas for a long time like most of us daytime tv fans, it’s likely you know a little something about the filming style and schedule of a soap actor.

General Hospital news and spoilers reveal soap operas are filmed in a demanding, high paced environment, that is designed to roll our once scene after another. With early call times and long hours, having a solid work ethic among the cast is key.

General Hospital spoilers reveal Maurice Benard sat down with daytime star, Rena Sofer, on the YouTube series, State of Mind. In the interview, the longtime friends discussed many aspects of life, focusing on their time together while playing Bensonhurst Besties, Sonny Corinthos and Lois Cerullo. Sonny and Lois had counterparts, or, love interests at the time that completed what was referred to as, the fearsome foursome. Vanessa Marcil and Wally Kurth played along side Maurice and Lois as Brenda Barrett and Ned Ashton.

In Maurice’s interview with Rena, she recalled a specific time while on set with Marcil; an incident that occurred m which set the tone for their working relationship was the turning point for the young actress. Rena recalled a time when Vanessa was late, didn’t show up, and Vanessa told Rena, “Oh, I’m so sorry, I overslept.” Sofer continued to disclose that Marcil didn’t make entry lines. Rena explained, “And I just remember looking at her and going, ‘I don’t care who you do that, don’t do it with me. I don’t want that.’” Surprised by Sofer’s admission to being bold and straightforward with Vanessa, he asked how she took it. Rena admitted, “I think it really affected her,” she continued, “And maybe she doesn’t even remember that I said that. I think it affected her because every time we ever worked together again, we worked to make our relationship deeper than what they were writing it, which I think is why it was so intense and beautiful.”

Rena and Vanessa’s relationship deepened from that point on. Sofer made it clear that she expects out of her co-workers, the same type of dedication and effort as she puts in. Giving it their all has a lot to do with the success of their era. GH fans couldn’t get enough of Ned and Lois, Sonny and Brenda, and of course, Lois and Brenda. L & B Records was iconic and the bond between Lois and Brenda was as strong as that of Rena and Vanessa.

It’s nice to reflect on the good ole days, back in the 90s when Sonny Corinthos was making a name for himself around Port Charles. After all, coming from Bensonhurst gives immediate street cred.