General Hospital Spoilers: Maurice Benard Reveals Someone Very Close To Him Is Headed To GH

Many members of the cast and crew of General Hospital have been working together for many years, even decades. When we are with people for such a significant amount of time in our lives, it’s almost certain that many bonds and friendships will form over the years. Some even consider one another as family.

Some stars fall in love and marry their co-star, and some are family in real life. General Hospital news reports reveal that GH’s leading man, Maurice Benard, has taken to Instagram to share so exciting news about the cast of General Hospital, and his own family.

General Hospital spoilers reveal Benard has hinted that his son, Joshua is headed to the set of GH! Joshua James Benard, son of Maurice and Paula Benard, is an actor and compose. His acting credits include Station 19, and The Ghost and the Whale, which starred his uber-famous father, actor, and mental health awareness advocate, Maurice Benard.

Official General Hospital comings and goings reports have not yet hit the media, however, when it comes straight from Maurice himself, odds are these are not just GH rumors.

The role in which Joshua James is set to play has yet to be revealed, but this won’t be the first time JJ has been part of the GH cast. Maurice’s son played the role of “young Sonny,” which is a possible indicator for his upcoming GH arrival.

General Hospital news and rumors indicate Sonny’s manic episode will lead to flashbacks of his youth, which would explain JJ’s potential role. Keep checking in as we will keep you up to date on the latest GH news regarding JJ Benard’s General Hospital role.

If you’d like a deeper look into the life of Joshua James Benard, son of Maurice, and GH newcomer, take a look at his Instagram profile below.

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