General Hospital Spoilers: Now Everyone Wants To Play The Game, Who Are Adam’s Parents? Could Those Loving Parents Be Any Of These People?!

Who are Adam’s parents on General Hospital
Who are Adam Wright’s parents?

Adam Wright is a troubled soul who turns to music as a coping mechanism. The high pressure to excel comes directly from his over-controlling parents. With all this talk about Adam’s parents, you’d think there setting us up to meet them. Or at least become familiar with their identities.

According to recent General Hospital spoilers and rumors this is just the beginning of the new kid’s telling tale. From real life pressures, toxic home environments, anxiety, and addiction, mental health is highlighted in this storyline. At first, Adam seemed a little off when he was around Josslyn Jacks (Eden McCoy). It was almost as though some sort of obsession story was set or begin. Then, it took a turn. The focus shifted from Adam’s fixation with Josslyn to Adam’s personal problems. And that’s when the subject matter turned to his parents.

Who Are Adam Wright’s Parents?

General Hospital spoilers and rumors tease that we get a close look at Adam’s background, including his home life and the two people who are responsible for his environment. That’s right, GH rumors claim that we are about to learn more about Adam’s mom and dad. GH fans express their speculations across social media platforms, which leads us to our latest GH Poll.

It seems like many want to play, “Who are Adam’s parents?” That said, we’ve conducted a poll with some possible candidates. Who do you think could be Adam’s parents?

Who are Adam’s parents?

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General Hospital Spoilers: Josslyn’s Guilt Over Adam Consumes Her- Was Her Rejection The Final Straw?

Josslyn’s guilt over Adam
Josslyn’s guilt over Adam consumes her

Mental illness isn’t something to be ignored. Correspondingly, mental health awareness is a must. Today we are grateful to have access to multiple different resources when it comes to seeking help. Unfortunately, not everyone recognizes the signs of mental illnesses, or their environment doesn’t support seeking help for this. Our mental well-being is just as important as our physical, yet this common misconception still drives many opinions on the topic.

Previously, General Hospital Blog shared recent GH rumors and spoilers that pertain to the new guy. Last year, Adam Wright (Joshua Benard) showed up at PCU and made his presence known to Josslyn Jacks (Eden McCoy). Their rocky start soon smoothed itself over when he apologized and the two became study buddies. But something about his intense nature has Joss setting boundaries early on.

According to GH spoilers, Adam’s dark side rears its ugly head as he feels the pressure from his parents. It seems like Adam is an open book since his vulnerability and transparency with Joss regarding his struggles. But after the 11/16/23 episode it was clear that Josslyn had to set some boundaries.

While she empathizes with Adam, she also can’t spread herself too thin. And when she confided in Dex (Evan Hofer), it was almost like I could feel the same pressure that she felt to help Adam. Because what I heard was Dex telling Iosslyn that as long as Adam has her, he’ll be alright. Of course, we know that’s not what Dex meant. Instead he was most likely praising Joss for being such a dependable friend.

Josslyn’s guilt over Adam

GH rumors claim that Josslyn’s guilt over Adam consumers her. She’s already admitted that she feels bad for having to tell him no, and for what he’s going through at home. He clearly has some type of issue on top of having to live up to his parent’s expectations. Suddenly, things take a turn for the worse and spiral out of control. Will Josslyn feel responsible for what Adam does next?