Maxie is Pregnant!

It looks like Maxie got what she wanted – sort of. After she miscarried while carrying Dante and Lulu’s baby, Maxie wanted nothing more than to be pregnant again, so they wouldn’t find out she lost their baby. Maxie went to Dr. Westborn to see if she would implant another one of Lulu’s eggs inside her. When Dr. Britt came back with Maxie’s blood panel results, they both got shocking news. Maxie IS pregnant… but it looks like it’s a Spixie baby. Although I would have loved for Spixie to be in this situation ready, willing, and happily together I would take it any way I can get it. Maxie has a lot to deal with right now. From dealing with Dante and Lulu, to handling rejection from Spinelli AGAIN, to now being pregnant with his baby, the question remains… What should Maxie do next?


Gif by: eric-dane.tumblr.com