What is Ava Hiding?

There is a lot more to Ava Jerome (Maura West) than we all had anticipated. She is more than just the Mother of Franco’s child, Kiki aka Lauren Katherine Jerome (Kristen Alderson). We recently learned that she has attempted assassination, whether the bullet was meant for Franco or meant for Olivia, Ava pulled the trigger. She is money hungry and will jeopardize the relationship she has with her daughter to get what she wants. It is looking more and more like Ava has deeper rooted connections with the residents of Port Charles than simply having a romantic relationship with Franco. She is a Jerome, which means she knows more about Duke, Anna, Lucy, and more of the PC gang than she is leading on. What does she want? This week on General Hospital, Ava reveals a past relationship. Perhaps Kiki isn’t Franco’s daughter at all… Or maybe Franco isn’t Franco… There are lots of possibilities and this story hasn’t even begun to unfold!

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Kristen Alderson’s New Role?

Rumors are buzzing about what will happen to Starr Manning now that she told Michael she isn’t coming back to Port Charles. The fact that Prospect Park owns the rights to the name Starr Manning has everything to do with why this whole situation has gotten so out of control. Fans keep wondering if Kristen Alderson will return to GH as Starr, reprise her role on OLTL, or return to GH as an entirely different character. Fans are making their own theories about Starr’s status with GH based on last night’s tweet by Kristen. Alderson tweeted about change and how scary it can be. She mentioned that, “Tomorrow is HUGE.” Fans have put together an assumption that “change” means that Kristen Alderson may no longer be Starr Manning, and that what is “HUGE” could possibly be the first day she tapes as a new character on General Hospital. Kristen confirmed via Twitter that this news was not true. She stated that the tweet had nothing to do with her being at GH. She wasn’t there today. Check out the tweets below!

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