General Hospital News and Spoilers: BREAKING! Brand New Posts Shared From Tyler Christopher’s Instagram Account Raise Suspicions

New Posts From Tyler Christopher’s Instagram
New Posts From Tyler Christopher’s Instagram

It’s been almost two full weeks since the world lost a great talent and a kind soul. The outpouring of love and support for Tyler Christopher at the time of his passing speaks volumes.

Many co-stars, friends and family took to social media to share their memories of Tyler. Behind the scenes pics of Tyler and his pals at General Hospital flooded our timelines. Thankfully, social media platforms help spread news, show support, and come together in solidarity and support for certain causes. Despite social media being a positive force in todays world, there are also many downsides.

BREAKING! New Posts From Tyler Christopher’s Instagram

General Hospital news reports reveal that there is activity coming from Tyler Christopher’s official Instagram page. The odd posts started surfacing earlier today, while Facebook groups have been made in his honor. Or so that’s what some want us to think. According to the mysterious Instagram posts and stories; one in particular names a Facebook group that’s dedicated to Tyler as fake.

According to the latest General Hospital spoilers, a post was shared warning fans not to donate to a fundraiser that claims to be for funeral expenses and Tyler’s last wishes. However, Christopher’s page shared posts that oppose this “fake” fundraiser. So far, two posts have been shared onto Tyler’s official IG feed along with a few “stories.” If you’re unfamiliar with the Instagram platform, stories are highlights that stay up for 24 hours and then disappear. That’s there a video displays a post from a Susan “P” Baker, and giving details of a fundraiser.

Naturally, many who mourn Tyler are also most likely willing to lend a helping hand or some monetary gesture to the family. That said, be careful not to fall for a fundraiser scam out of the goodness of your heart. Please hang tight as this story is still developing. General Hospital Blog will keep you updated on the latest involving Tyler Christopher’s Instagram account as well as fraudulent messages.