Frank Valentini Talks GH Surprises

As true General Hospital fans, I think that we should all stay optimistic that General Hospital will have a long life ahead despite all the rumors and changes that are going on now. The time slot change, the Summer’s off rumor, GAA ratings possibly hurting the life of GH, and all the other threats and obstacles the General Hospital family has had to endure in the recent months. In an article I found at TVSourceMagazine.com, GH Executive Producer, Frank Valentini talks about the surprises headed for GH. I feel that he is very optimistic about the show, always sending out positive vibes with his interviews and displaying enthusiasm for what he does, and for GH as a whole. Click here to check out the full article and watch the video!

“You’re either gonna sink or swim right now, and I think everyone is swimming.” -Kelly Monaco

Did You Miss the GH Segment on CNN This Morning?

This actually brought some tears of pride and happiness to my eyes as I watched this today. Proud to be a devoted fan, and happy that there is hope for the future. General Hospital has come along way since a the cancellation of AMC and OLTL. It is sad that some executives did not have the faith in soap operas that they do now, causing us to lose two amazing, American iconic soaps. But we cannot change the past, and we need to hold on to and be grateful for what we have. We also need to thank who is responsible, Frank Valentini, Ron Carlivati, and the ENTIRE cast of actors and crew for making our show as fabulous as it is, and of course we the FANS! For holding on, staying involved, and not giving up. I am so excited to share this with all the fans, so please click here to watch the CNN video segment on the BEST SOAP OPERA EVER, GENERAL HOSPITAL.

The Davis Girls Stick Together

Kristina (Lindsey Morgan) is coming home to PC in just a few days, and now more than ever will The Davis Girls really need each other. Sam disclosed her deep secret about Franco and the baby to Molly, and like any good sister, Molly was there for Sam to listen and comfort. Haley Pullos is such a good actress and is just so lovable. She brings innocence and intelligence to Molly which is something fresh for a child character. It makes me happy that Molly isn’t a snotty, bratty, defiant little child. It is nice to see a well behaved teen on a soap. (Except for sneaking around with TJ, but that isn’t so bad). Hopefully Molly’s current actions with TJ won’t go any further than what they have. So let’s leave the bad girl image to her sister Kristina! We know that Kristina has done things in the past just to get under Sonny’s skin and to get his attention. Now that she is back from college, she will be more defiant than ever. This trouble maker will need the love and support of her sisters, and I am sure Sam will have to intervene in some arguments between Alexis and Kristina. I am really excited to see these girls working together in their upcoming story lines. Alexis, Kristina, and Molly will be able to help Sam through this rough time because that’s what the Davis Girls do!


Click here to watch a Sam/Molly video by @HaleyJean45