General Hospital News: Nancy Lee Grahn Reveals Personal Struggle With Alcoholism, Relates To Her Current Story As Alexis

General Hospital writers are no strangers to bringing real life heath issues and struggles to the Daytime TV screen. Diseases like Cancer, heart disease, addiction, and alcoholism have been dealt with by our favorite characters. Currently, GH’s Nancy Lee Grahn portrays Alexis Davis as she struggles through alcohol addiction.

Nancy is truly bringing the real life struggle of dealing with being an alcoholic in a realistic way. Her character Alexis has hit a snag in her recovery after an emotional loss, among other factors that have caused her to fall off the wagon.

General Hospital news reports Nancy has revealed her own true life, personal experience with alcoholism. Although the struggle was not her own, she revealed that her father was as an alcoholic. In a recent tweet, Grahn explained her personal connection to this disease.

“I lived with this occasional belligerent drunk who happened 2b the man I loved more than any other, my dad,” the actress wrote. “Bob Grahn got sober, became an addictions counselor & saved over 100 ppl who all showed up at his funeral to sing his praise. I get how much courage it takes to stay sober.”

Nancy Lee Grahn is bringing the reality of alcoholism to the screen with her realistic portray of someone who is struggling with the disease. Nancy is a very talented actress, and always delivers raw and real emotion. It definitely helps to have had experience in her own life as she has seen first hand how one who battles being an alcoholic deals with the disease, the family who cares for them, and the personal struggle that goes along with it.