General Hospital News And Spoilers: Nancy Lee Grahn Firmly Sticks To Boycott!

So much is going on in this world, whether it’s a global health crisis, a natural disaster, or war, we as humans have a lot to focus on.

With all of these deep concerns around the world, many of us are able to out things until perspective, prioritizing the importance of certain situations with which we are faced. That being said, some people use their voices to take a stand or support their beliefs.

General Hospital news reports confirm that GH star, Nancy Lee Grahn, has taken to social media, using her voice and platform to stand up for a cause that she holds near and dear to her heart. The cause she stands for you ask? The up-charge for non-dairy creamers at the worldwide epicenter for coffee. Yes that’s correct, Grahn has a major beef with Starbucks.

General Hospital spoilers reveal Nancy Lee Grahn, aka GH’s Alexis Davis, is distraught over the cost of the world’s most popular morning pick-me-up. Grahn tweets, “Is it that hard to get a coffee somewhere else besides #Starbucks? We can actually hurt these Companies if we’d just collectively not buy their anti union overpriced S**t!  #UnionsWork.”

The soap star makes it abundantly clear that she has no intentions of picking back up her Starbucks habit, revealing she ditched the scene when Covid hit. She explains, “I stopped Starbucks when the pandemic happened. Before that, I was going daily. I don’t miss it and I’m saving money. Coffee at home is just fine. Besides, they got rid of my Skinny Cinnamon Dolce so there is really no reason for me to go there anyway,” along with, “Horrible coffee. Coffee Te Leaf and Bean, or something like that. Or get Trader Joe’s Organic Fair Trade, make it yourself and take with. Cheaper, better for the planet and your taste buds.”

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