General Hospital Spoilers: Open Door for Natalia Livingston -Will Emily Return?

General Hospital has seen many return from the dead type story lines in it’s long history. Out most recent gift from the soap Gods is the return of iconic character Nikolas Cassadine (Marcus Coloma). Although Tyler Christopher did not return to reprise the role, fans are still happy to see a staple character back in Port Charles. Nikolas has always been a key player and involved with mainly headlining stories throughout the years.

Nikolas’ long time counterpart Emily Quartermaine was killed off the show years ago. In a recent interview with Soaps In Depth, actress Natalia Livingston tells SID that is is open to bringing Emily back to General Hospital. She states,  “If it was actually Emily returning, that would be exciting,” she declared. “I think if it was actually somehow Emily returning and maybe she was never really killed… I mean, I’ve seen so many clever, brilliant storyline ideas over the years that people have tweeted or sent so… yeah, I would definitely be open to that. But I’m not so sure about a ghost.”

Now that Nikolas is back and without a love interest? Would you like to see this fan favorite return to General Hospital?

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