Nathan Reveals His True Feelings! Will Maxie Walk Down the Aisle with Levi?









It has been a long time coming. It’s so obvious that Detective Nathan West and Maxie Jones have amazing chemistry. Every time Lulu points out how charming and handsome Nathan is, Maxie quickly tries to change the subject and denies her attraction to him. Nathan has been putting up with Dunkleman and fighting his feelings for Maxie for months. Recently, he had a talk with Nina about his feelings and she encouraged him to fight for the one he loves.

This week on General Hospital, Nathan confesses his feelings for Maxie to Mac Scorpio. Rumor has it that Maxie overhears just before she is about to make a life altering act and marry Levi Dunkleman.

Maxie will contemplate her feelings for Nathan. Knowing how Nathan feels about her, will Maxie still marry Levi?



Photo from: heckyeahkirstenstorms.tumblr.com

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