General Hospital Spoilers: Nina Gets Caught! Is It Ned or Eddie?

Nina gets caught Is it Ned or Eddie? Is Ned faking?

Nina gets caught! But the question remains, by whom?! Clearly, this photo from today’s GH previews shows Ned (Wally Kurth) creeping up on Nina Reeves (Cynthia Watros). This wouldn’t be the first time that he overheard her share some top secret information- both ultimately effecting Ned himself. So, is he going to sit around and let her get away with passing the blame?

General Hospital previews and spoilers indicated that Nina makes another confidential phone call out in the open. Just like before his slip and fall, Ned creeps up and overhears Nina talking about the sensitive situation. But this time she might get away with it since Ned is a bit confused.

Nina gets caught! Is Ned faking??

According to GH spoilers and rumors, it’s anybody’s guess on whether or not Ned is faking. GH spoilers indicate that soon enough Nina gets caught. From the looks of things, it certainly seems like the man who is watching and listening is indeed Ned. However, it isn’t his looks that will determine his identity. In fact, Ned Ashton and Eddie Maine look exactly the same. That’s because their physical selves are the same, but inside Ned’s mind lives Eddie. Lucky for Nina, Eddie doesn’t know a damn thing about what she’s done. Or at least he claims. On the other hand, who even knows of Ned is telling the truth?

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