General Hospital News and Spoilers: Nicholas Alexander Chavez’s Official Exit, Last Air Date Revealed

Nicholas Alexander Chavez’s GH Exit
Nicholas Alexander Chavez’s GH Exit

Well my fellow General Hospital fans, the swirling rumors are true. Emmy winning actor Nicholas Alexander Chavez’s talent seeps beyond his role on the longest running television drama. In fact, his portfolio is growing as he takes on new projects.

GH Exit! Nicholas Alexander Chavez Takes Several Months Of

After months of speculation, General Hospital comings and goings reports confirm Nicholas Alexander Chavez’s GH exit.

Nicholas Alexander Chavez heads to Netflix

According to GH news, Chavez will be absent from the soap for several months. Previously, GH Blog shared that Nicholas Chavez landed a starring role in a new Netflix series. Monsters: The Lyle and Erik Menendez Brothers Story, is a Netflix original series based on the true story of Erik and Lyle Menendez. Chavez plays Lyle Menendez in a co-starring role alongside Cooper Koch as brother Erik Menendez.

According to General Hospital spoilers, Chavez filmed his last scenes as Spencer Cassadine. His last air date is January 31st. Not to worry, Chavez’s GH exit is only temporary. Thankfully, we haven’t seen the last of Spencer or Nicholas Chavez on ABC’s General Hospital. Rest assured that Chavez brings Spencer home to Port Charles.

General Hospital Spoilers: Spencer Makes A Confession, Will Laura Ever Forgive Her Grandson? Spencer Leaves Port Charles

Will Laura forgive Spencer
Will Laura forgive Spencer

Spencer Cassadine (Nicholas Alexander Chavez) has been a part to many devious schemes. His grandmother, Laura, Spencer always tried to support her grandson the best way you know how. Furthermore she’s never turned her back on him despite the things he’s done.

According to General Hospital spoilers and rumors things could be different this time. GH recaps recall the shocking moment when Spencer willingly gave up Ace to Nikolas Cassadine (Adam Huss). As a result, a baby is without his mother, and his mother is without her heart. Recently, Spencer picked up on a few clues. He’s more than suspicious that Esme‘s memories have returned. This helped guide his decision when Nikolas came knocking. What he and his father did was horrific. Especially since Spencer his witness how Esme cares for her son. In fact, Spencer recently admitted that Esme is a good mom.

The latest General Hospital previews indicate that Spencer confesses to Laura and Laura becomes infuriated. All the things her grandson is done in his life, this is the most despicable. Tearing a mother away from her child, wasn’t his decision to make. Additionally, General Hospital rumors tease that Spencer’s decision cost him everything. Recent updates surfaced regarding Chavez as he stars in the Netflix series, Monsters: The Lyle and Erik Menendez Story. Previously, GH news reports confirmed Chavez makes a temporary exit to film his other project. Will Spencer leave Port Charles when even Laura and Trina turn their back on him?

General Hospital News and Spoilers: GH Casting Changes Flip The Script, Leads To Major GH Exit, What’s Next For Nicholas Chavez?

Netflix’s Monsters leaves to Nicholas Chavez’s GH Exit
Netflix’s Monsters leaves to Nicholas Chavez’s GH Exit

General Hospital star Nicholas Alexander Chavez is an undeniably talented young man. He first joined ABC’s General Hospital cast on July 1st, 2021. From the start, Chavez had his work cut out for him as the new Spencer Cassadine. He was hired to replace Nicholas Bechtel after TPTB SORASed the role.

Despite having been a young teen when Bechtel left GH, Chavez had some big shoes to fill. Already, the role of Spencer Cassadine held a certain standard. After all Spencer IS a Cassadine. Son of Nikolas Cassadine, aka the Dark Prince, Nicholas Alexander Chavez has to be at the top of his game.

Ultimately, GH fans warmed up to Chavez quite nicely as the grown up version of the character we loved lived up to previous standards. Now he has a huge following made up of majorly devoted fans. In addition to his own success, GH fans can’t get enough of Chavez and his on-screen pairing with Tabyana Ali. Together, Nicholas Chavez and Tabyana have become one of the most popular daytime couples of this generation. Reportedly Spencer and Trina, who fans nicknamed as Sprina, believe they have what it takes for that long haul.

Netflix’s Monsters leads to Nicholas Chavez’s GH Exit

However, recent General Hospital spoilers reveal that Chavez’s fans, especially Sprina fans, face uncertain times. Previous General Hospital news and spoilers reported that Nicholas landed a lead role in an upcoming Netflix series. ‘Monsters: The Erik and Lyle Menendez Story’ cast General Hospitals very own Chavez as the infamous Lyle Menendez
However, recent General Hospital spoilers reveal that Chavez’s fans, especially Sprina fans, face uncertain times. Previous General Hospital news and spoilers reported that Nicholas landed a lead role in an upcoming Netflix series. ‘Monsters: The Erik and Lyle Menendez Story’ cast General Hospitals very own Chavez as the infamous Lyle Menendez.

Despite recent GH rumors about Chavez’s GH status, General Hospital news and spoilers report the latest regarding the series’s production. Evidently, production was to begin in September of 2023. Due to the writer’s strike, production has been pushed back. According to recent GH news reports, Chavez’s other project is to begin filming before year’s end. In fact, the new production date is set for December12th, 2023, and is expected to finished by February 16th, 2024. That said. status with the 60-year-old soap opera is almost certain to change. Possible scheduling conflicts threaten the idea of pulling double duty. As it may not be possible for Nicholas to film both General Hospital and ‘Monsters: The Erik and Lyle Menendez Story’ at the same time.

General Hospital Blog will update fans with the latest on Chavez’s status as Spencer Cassadine. Be sure to follow social media platforms for up-to-date GH news and spoilers!

General Hospital News: GH Star Snags Number 1 Slot On Netflix

General Hospital news reports inform fans of an exciting accomplishment from one of GH’s younger stars.

Josh Swickard joined the cast of GH as Detective Harrison Chase, less than two years ago, in February of 2018. The 28 year old actor has made an announcement on IG regarding his latest acting accomplishment. The Netflix movie, A California Christmas has hit Number 1, globally.

General Hospital news reports Swickard’s statement which is captioned on his IG post that reads, “Complete disbelief. Number one on Netflix globally! Thanks to everyone who supported this little movie. Can’t tell you how much it means to @laurenswickard and me.”


General Hospital News: GH’s Ashton Arbab Announces Trailer For Brand New Movie

General Hospital’s Ashton Arbab, known on screen as Dev Cerci, has shared a trailer for a brand new Netflix movie in which he takes part.

General Hospital news reports a trailer has been released for the Netflix thriller, “The Babysitter’s Guide To Monster Hunting.” The movie about a group of high schoolers recruiting a teen to battle the Boogeyman will be released on October 14th!