General Hospital Spoilers: Spencer Has Become Quite The Painter

Nikolas Cassadine (Marcus Coloma) and his wife Ava Jerome (Maura West) hosted an event at Wyndemere for the unveiling of a very important portrait. Ava has been waiting in anticipation for the day she can unveil Franco’s painting of herself. The time came and went and just like any typical event held at Wyndemere, there was a shocking twist and we are left with a mystery.

General Hospital spoilers have revealed Nikolas and his son Spencer Cassadine (Nicolas Bechtel) are working together to get rid of Ava. Lulu Spencer already leaked their secret to Dustin Phillips (Mark Lawson) while Ava stood by and took it all in. She confronted Nikolas about his and Spencer’s plan and let him know she is onto him and to get ready for her to fight back. But she still needs to know who vandalized her portrait. At the unveiling, Ava’s portrait was painted over in an old Francophrenia type style even though Franco is not the one who vandalized his own art work.

General Hospital rumors suggest there are two main suspects associated with vandalizing the portrait. Nikolas and Spencer. Nikolas can’t stand the hold Ava has over him with their marriage deal. He wants his inheritance and more importantly, he wants it along with his relationship with his son. Since the two Cassadine boys have teamed up, GH rumors indicate Spencer is the one behind the vandalized portrait. Their plan is about to backfire now that Ava has overheard their plan. She isn’t one to just let things slide and now she is ready to fight back- she’s ready for revenge.

Things Are Looking Grim For Nikolas’ Son, Spencer Cassadine. Will He Survive?

An emotional and dramatic episode of General Hospital has fans at the edge of their seats wondering what will happen to little Spencer Cassadine. What started out as an epic 10th birthday party, ended up turning into a tragic event when a fire started at Wyndemere.

Spencer and Emma were almost out of the burning room when he noticed that his new gift from Uncle Sonny was left behind. Emma pleaded that he didn’t go back, but Spencer made the decision to rescue his gift. Poor Spencergot trapped in the burning room and Emma ran for help, retrieving her dad, Patrick, and Spencer’s dad, Nikolas.

General Hospital spoilers for tomorrow’s episode show an extremely emotional Emma looking desperately at Nikolas. The two share a comforting embrace as they wait while Spencer is in the hospital.

Everyone is now wondering what will happen to Spencer Cassadine. Nicholas Betchel is an extremely talented young actor, and it isn’t a secret that he has side projects that he has worked on. He has appeared on Disney channel shows such as Girl Meets World.

There have been no reports confirming Nicholas’ exit from General Hospital. Despite General Hospital rumors circulating after today’s GH previews, there is no reason to believe that Spencer Cassadine is going to die.

General Hospital Blog will keep fans updated if any contract news regarding Nicholas Betchel surfaces. As far as we know, little Spencer Cassadine will make a full recovery.