Bring Out The Britch!

Just when Britt Westbourne seems to be trying to redeem herself in the eyes of Nikolas, (and the fans), she takes a step (or 10) back and is starting to revert back to her old ways. The very sight of Elizabeth and Nikolas talking, embracing, or anything makes Britt’s blood boil. She approached Elizabeth while at work, picking childish arguments with her out of jealousy after seeing Nik console Liz with an embrace. Nik gave Britt the cold shoulder when she tried to make small talk. He accused her and Brad of scheming once again and you could see the embarrassment and fury in Britt’s body language.

Instead of learning from her mistakes, and continuing to try to make Nikolas forgive her by doing the right things, Britt will most likely bring out The Britch once again. She has a goal and that goal is to get her man back. It looks as though Britt will stop at nothing, including trash talking, lying, and scheming to get what she wants once again. Do you think she will be successful in winning Nik back if she takes this route? For the character’s sake, hopefully she doesn’t listen to her good friend Brad and she leaves the ways of The Britch far behind her. Watching Britt act like The Britch is actually very entertaining. Kelly Thiebaud is a great actress, we love to hate her and she puts such humor into her scenes.¬†What do you think Britt will do to try and get Nikolas back? What will is cost Elizabeth?