General Hospital Spoilers: They’ll Have Plenty Of Time To Repair Their Bond- Nikolas and Spencer Sentenced To Pentonville

Nikolas and Spencer sentenced to Pentonville
Nikolas and Spencer sentenced to Pentonville

I’m gonna start off first by saying that I’m so disappointed in Spencer. I reviewed the situation in my head from every angle and I still believe that Spencer is completely in the wrong. Despite Esme’s checkered past and her memories floating to the surface, Spencer crossed the line. In fact, he committed a very serious crime.

Over the years the Cassadine family developed a Reputation🐍 for themselves. They’re known for their erratic behaviors at various degrees. That’s because not all Cassadine family members were created equal. Instead, they all have different levels of and forms of crazy. And over time, some sink deeper into the Cassadine darkness while others are lucky enough to find the light (i.e. Alexis Davis (Natasha)).

General Hospital recaps highlight Spencer Cassadine’s defining moment when he immersed himself into pure Cassadine culture. To be fair, Spencer has never really kept his side of the street all that clean. He has lied, schemed, and even committed crimes. But Spence and his loved ones put that in the past after he served his time. Eventually, things started to look up for Spencer. He started to become more comfortable with watching Esme raise his baby brother Ace (Jay and Joey Clay). Additionally, Spencer and Trina are still madly in love, and they plan to spend Trina’s semester abroad together in France.

Nikolas and Spencer Sentenced To Pentonville

According to General Hospital spoilers and rumors, it’s quite possible that Trina and Spencer won’t get the chance to go to Paris together. Spencer lets Trina down yet again when his impulsive decision exhibits his inability to put others needs before his own wants. Let’s face it, Spencer didn’t need to do this. Aiding and abetting a kidnapping isn’t what anyone needs.

Esme Prince is desperate to find Ace

GH spoilers tease that Spencer feels the consequences surrounding all sides. First, he’s without the same little brother that he couldn’t bear to spend a moment without. Next, his grandmother Laura Spencer (Genie Francis) is fraught with the shocking news over Spencer’s actions. Finally, someone has to break the news to Trina. She and Spencer plan to indulge themselves in the wonders and romance of France, but GH rumors hint that this situation changes the course of their plans. Furthermore, GH spoilers tease that Spencer’s actions don’t just derail their France plans, but also his and Trina’s relationship.

GH recaps recall Laura’s reaction and the course of action taken to find Ace. Spencer’s grandmother implicates her own son when she calls the PCPD. She took the first step in finding Ace when she notified Detective Dante Falconeri (Dominic Zamprogna). At this post Laura hasn’t named names, but the Mayor of Port Charles is expected to play by the book. That means, if she implicates Nikolas, she’ll most like have to do the same with Spencer. It’s true that Spencer isn’t the one who kidnapped Ace. However, the involvement he has in this is ground for an arrest for aiding and abetting a kidnapping. I know this is poor Charles and all but it sounds to me like these two are headed for Pentonville.

General Hospital Spoilers: A Father/Son Redemption Story; Victor’s Box Leads Spencer Down A Dark Path- Will That Path Bring Nikolas Home?

Spencer brings Nikolas home

Spencer brings Nikolas home! The Cassadine family is known for their desire for power and control. Shamelessly, some members are all in on the eccentric lifestyle they’ll need to lead to achieve it. From diabolical plots at world domination to kidnapping and even killing, the Cassadines should not be underestimated.

Recently, Laura Spencer Collins (Genie Francis) began hosting Victor Cassadine’s (Charle Shaughnessy) will reading. So far, the guests and recipients seemed a little unimpressed with what Victor left behind. Although it seems these items are meaningless, Victor doesn’t do anything without meaning behind it. But one thing in particular has the key to unlock a mystery. General Hospital news reports of Marcus Coloma’s exit caused a stir among fans. Fans were not only shocked and confused in regard to the actor, but the character as well. Why kill off Nikolas Cassadine? Then, we soon found out that Nikolas isn’t dead. Hell most definitely return to Port Charles. Meanwhile, Nik’s loved ones have a mystery on their hands. Where did Nikolas go?

According to some recent GH spoilers and rumors, Victor’s box leads Spencer down a dark path. A path so gloomy and “Cassadine-like” that even Trina Robinson (Tabyana Ali) won’t support exploring it. However, a curios Spencer begins down a typical Cassadine path. But will he be saved in time before he turns completely to the dark side?

General Hospital spoilers and rumors suggest that through his upcoming journey, Spencer brings Nikolas home. The curious young man with bad boy tendencies falls for uncle Victor’s plan, hook line and sinker. His dark journey into the Cassadine mindset will ultimately lead him to a dark place. Is it then Nikolas reveals himself to save his son? Finally, redemption begins after Nikolas saves his son.

General Hospital Spoilers: Redemption! Nikolas Turns The Tables On Uncle Victor, Saves His Two Sons

Nikolas saves Spencer and Ace

Nikolas saves Spencer and Ace! Nikolas Cassadine (Marcus Coloma/Adam Huss) is unconscious and held at an undisclosed location. There, he is on life support as Mason Gatlin (Nathanyael Grey) keeps watch over the Dark Prince.

GH Recaps: Currently, Victor Cassadine (Charles Shaughnessy) and company are aboard the Haunted Star. Spencer Cassadine (Nicholas Alexander Chavez) and his baby brother Ace (Joey and Jay Clay) were kidnapped as part of Uncle Victor’s grand Cassadine plan. We can’t forget that Liesl Obrecht (Kathleen Gati) is also among Victor’s prisoners. In addition, Trina Robinson (Tabyana Ali) is the only one other than Victor who is aboard the ship voluntarily. She snuck onto the boat when she senses that Spencer was in trouble. Evidently, Trina’s instincts were spot on.

General Hospital spoilers tease that Victor keeps dangling “family” in Spencer’s face. He acts as though all of his crazy antics are carried out in the name of “family.” But what exactly does that mean anyways? As far as Spencer is concerned, “family” is important to those who make it important. For example, Spencer believes his father didn’t make the family of great importance. Instead, he feels abandoned and mistreated by Nikolas. Now that Nikolas is missing, Spencer does what it takes to make sure his brother Ace is safe. That being said, Spencer feels like he’s battling Victor alone- with Trina and Liesl’s help, of course.

Nikolas Turns the Tables On Victor

Although, recent GH rumors suggest some wild speculations about what’s happening on that ship. According to General Hospital rumors, Nikolas saves Spencer and Ace. Apparently, GH rumors suggest that Mason and Nikolas might be on the Haunted Star along with the others. We know Mason is keeping Nikolas is alive. However, we don’t know who Mason takes orders from. Maybe Victor is preserving Nikolas for his own benefit. In hope that some day his nephew can see things his way. On the other hand, GH news reports say Constance Towers returns as Helena Cassadine. Could SHE be pulling the strings? No matter which crazy Cassadine, it’s likely Nikolas won’t oblige. If he awakens, he can turn the tables on Victor to save his two sons!