General Hospital Spoilers: Elizabeth catches Nikolas And Esme- His Feelings For Esme Create Tension

Elizabeth catches Nikolas and Esme

Elizabeth catches Nikolas and Esme! Nikolas and a pregnant Esme are sharing a tender moment together when Elizabeth catches them in the act.

‘Tis the damn season. It’s that time of year when random acts of kindness could lead to warm fuzzy feelings and more. There’s something about the holiday season that brings us closer together, as well as, a higher possibility of falling in love. These emotions can’t escape even the most cold and calculating of Christmas spirits.

Nikolas Cassadine (Marcus Coloma) and Elizabeth Webber (Rebecca Herbst) have know each other practically their entire lives. They’ve been through more together than most, and continue to have each other’s backs. But this time Nikolas might expect more out of Liz than she’s willing to give.

General Hospital spoilers reveal Elizabeth realizes her dedication to helping Nik hide Esme has been all for nothing. After finding out Esme was tucked safely away at Wyndemere when the hook killer struck again, Elizabeth questions what this is all for. Elizabeth catches Nikolas and Esme when she shows up at the tower entrance. There she finds the dark prince and his captive-ating damsel in distress cozying up to a charming little Christmas tree.

General Hospital rumors suggest Nikolas begins to develop feelings for Esme and the baby growing inside of her. Two’s company, three’s a crowd is how it goes. Meaning, Nikolas’s feelings for Esme could make Elizabeth feel like a third wheel. Although she sees no point in keeping Esme captive because she isn’t the hook killer, Liz has no choice but to stick around.

Elizabeth’s knowledge as a nurse keeps her essential to Nik’s plan. However, Liz isn’t sure if Nikolas is keeping Esme as his prisoner, or his prisoner of love.

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