Ava is on “The List” What Will Nina Do to Her?

Ava and Nina have a past connection. After all, Nina’s husband Dr. Silas Clay had an affair with Ava Jerome about 20 years ago. The two had a child together and now Nina is awake from her coma and she’s out for revenge. In front of Silas, Nina puts on her sweetie pie, ever-so-understanding, play the victim type of charade. But we all know what she is really like when her true colors come out in front of nurse Rosalie. Nina wants nothing more than for the people who have wronged her to go down in flames. SO much so that she created a “list” if you will. On that list is Silas, the cheating husband, Ava Jerome, the one he cheated with, her own Mother, Madeline Reeves, for harming her and her unborn child, and Sam, Silas’ mistress.

Social media has been swirling around the rumor that Ava will lose her baby. Right now, that baby is her 9 month insurance policy on her own life. Ava needs that baby in order to keep Sonny from killing her. She is unsure if the father of her baby is her boy toy lover Morgan, or his mob boss father Sonny. If Ava does lose her baby, will it be at the hands of sociopath Nina Clay? If so, what will she do to her?

Nina the Walking Psycho

After today’s shocking outburst by Nina Clay, we are now aware that her sweet as pie persona really is fake and our gut feelings about her have been spot on. It seems as if Sam can see there is something off about her but Silas cannot. Isn’t that how it always works? The one who really needs to be watching out is the one who has the blindest eye. Not only is Nina playing Silas with her blessing for his and Sam’s relationship, but she also can walk, and well, she is CRAZY!

She has been hated by most since her debut in the park, crashing little Danny’s birthday party. The writers did something right, we hated her, and we were meant to. General Hospital Blog gives a big shout out to actress Michelle Stafford for doing such an amazing job with her new character. Goal accomplished. Stafford has succeeded in making the fans loathe Nina.

What is Nina up to exactly? Is all this to get back at Silas for cheating on her 20 years ago with Ava Jerome? Some speculate that Nina was never even in a coma, but a mental ward. Some say that because we saw her wake up, that she was indeed in a coma. But that could have been an awakening from a catatonic state or a number of other reasons.Others speculate that her Mother is in on this entire thing and it’s payback time for a cheating husband. Rumors have been flying that Nina knows more about Jason Morgan than she is leading on and that perhaps they were in the same facility. She sure is prying Silas and getting under his skin when it comes to Sam’s feelings for Jason.

We now know that Nina has been watching Silas for months and that she was in fact the one to trash his apartment, not her Mother, Madeline Reeves. What does she have in store for Silas and Sam, and for Ava?

Keep watching General Hospital to find out what happens next!