General Hospital Spoilers: Nina’s Guilty Conscience Is Conditional, With No True Remorse

Nina’s guilty conscience

Every other day Nina Reeves (Cynthia Watros) cries as she plays the victim. And every other day, Nina reflects on what she’s done. She feels sorry (mainly for herself) for a short time, but then something comes over her (usually thoughts of Carly Corinthos (Laura Wright)). Then, as anyone can guess, she’s back at it with cruel intentions. This proves that Nina’s guilty conscience is conditional. Meaning, she only feels bad for the awful things she does when it’s convenient for herself.

Recent General Hospital spoilers tease that Nina already has a change of heart. She knows what she did was wrong. However, only once she realized that hurting Carly and Drew will not only hurt Willow, but that it’ll come back on herself, did Nina feel some kind of regret. Furthermore, according to GH previews, Nina’s true colors show yet again. An upcoming scene shows Nina admitting to Carly, “and to think I felt guilty,” and Carly replies, “guilty about what?” Apparently, Nina justifies what’s she’s already done and blames Carly again. Nina felt bad for a minute, but it’s always Carly’s fault for why Nina’s guilty conscience falters. And we say that with sarcasm and the intent to point out Nina’s obviously point of view.

So what makes Nina fall back on her guilt admission? What could Carly have possibly done this time to justify Nina’s cruel intentions?

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