General Hospital News And Spoilers: GH’s Risa Dorken Shares Spotlight With Husband Bo Clark

General Hospital star, Risa Dorken, is “So proud ❤️“ of her husband, Bo Clark, for his recent work as an aspiring actor.

General Hospital news reports the up and coming actor, Bo Clark studied acting at The Circle In The Square acting school. His on stage accreditations include, The Seagull, Oklahoma, Pericles, and, A Little Night Music. Clark has also starred in TV/film roles including, Royal Pains, Restaurant Stakeout, along with films, Interrupted, and Car Wash.

General Hospital spoilers reveal, Bo Clark made an appearance on the April 23rd episode of GH, as Nurse Rob Kent.

In a recent IG post, Clark thanks GH Executive Producer, Frank Valentini, and Casting Director, Mark Teschner, for the opportunity. He didn’t stop there when expressing his gratified. Bo also thanked his wife, and GH actress, Risa Dorken, who plays Nurse Amy.

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General Hospital News: Welcome Back Amy!

General Hospital comings and goings reports news of the return of Nurse Amy. The actress, Risa Dorken confirmed they news herself when posting a photo to Twitter.

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