General Hospital News: Maurice Benard Congratulates Cast Mates, Reveals He Doesn’t Want Steve Burton To Win

Today has been a BIG DAY for the cast and crew of General Hospital. General Hospital Blog has reported this morning’s reveal of the 2021, 48th Annual Daytime Emmy nominations.

General Hospital news reports confirm that GH has been nominated for 21 Daytime Emmy Awards this year. It’s no surprise that Maurice Benard and Steve Burton are among that list as the iconic duo, Sonny Corinthos and Jason Morgan.

Maurice is always playing around with his cast mates, having fun at their expense.

General Hospital spoilers reveal a hard truth as Maurice (playfully) admits that he’s not too keen on Steve winning, and possibly acquiring more Daytime Emmy Awards than himself.

In Maurice’s recent IG post, he shares a video of his adorable goats, but what caught our attention was the caption. The caption reads., “I’m really so happy for all the actors so many actors for nominated, I’m very happy for @1steveburtom of course but I really don’t want him to win there’s no way in hell I can live with myself if he has more Emmys than I have, although he has two supporting I have two leads. I’d give it to dumb(Dom)He really does deserve it plus I don’t wanna see that pouty look on his face. In a serious note the @alzassociation story broke mr heart in a fabulous way!!! @welcometolaurasworld couldn’t have done it without Max Gail✊???? @verneewatson @duelly @edenmccoy @generalhospitalabc…