General Hospital News And Spoilers: Maurice Benard Tries To Convince His Kids He’s The “Cool Dad” Will He Succeed?

Alert! Alert! Cold Dad Alert 🚨! General Hospital star Maurice Benard is always keeping us entertained. Whether it’s on-screen in his iconic role as Sonny Corinthos on ABC’s GH, or behind the scenes at a deeper look into his personal life, Benard’s fans never go without.

General Hospital news and spoilers report on a new video shared by Maurice, featuring himself and his children. I’m the video, Benard is trying to get his daughter to join in on his IG video, but instead he kind of gets ignored and he just runs with the video on his own.

General Hospital spoilers reveal Benard disclosed how he is always trying to convince his kids that he’s the cool dad but he admits he’s not really succeeding in his quest 🤣.

Although in the past Maurice has felt he hasn’t lived up to the title, he admits that last night things changed when he was invited to a Sixers game by Philadelphia 76ers President, Daryl Morey. Benard went on to thank Morey and his wife.

Check out the video of Maurice’s night as an official “Cool Dad.”

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