AJ and Tracy’s Spot on The Chew

AJ has scored a spot to promote Pickle-Lila on the ABC Food-Talk Show, The Chew. Nikolas has managed to get Tracy, representing Pickle-Eddie on the same episode. Will Tracy’s ambush work to her advantage, or will she get burned?

Tracy and AJ Take Pickle-Lila Relish to The Chew!

The battle between Tracy and AJ Quartermaine has been brewing for a few months, and now it will be taken to the next level! Tracy has a new business partner, Nikolas Cassadine but AJ has something bigger. Tracy learns that AJ has scored a spot on the ABC show The Chew! She will do anything to get herself and her relish on that episode.

Jane Elliot and Sean Kanan were in New York, along with Executive Producer, Frank Valentini. There they filmed the episode at the actual set of The Chew with hosts, Mario Batali, Carla Hall, Daphne Oz, and Michael Symon. The episodes will air on General Hospital May 13th-14th.

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Pickle Lila Relish

Poor Tracy. All that her Father Edward left to her in his will was a jar of her Grandmother Lila’s homemade relish. Since the passing of the legendary Edward Quartermaine, the family has been battling over who is going to control ELQ. Tracy and AJ have been at each other throats, seeking assistance from unlikely allies. Tracy has turned to Lucy, Sonny, and Connie, while AJ has Michael and Duke in his corner. Until today, Tracy has looked at her inheritance as useless, cursing her Father’s name from time to time for cheating his own daughter out of his will. Luke was able to blackmail Carly and get the information about the Quartermaine heir to give to Tracy. Carly informed Luke that a few years ago, Franco told her he had a daughter named Lauren, but his wife kept her from him. With this news, Luke went to Tracy. As they were discussing how to save ELQ, Tracy looked down at her jar of Pickle-Lila Relish and had a revelation. She believes that she holds the ticket to save ELQ.