General Hospital Spoilers: Portia Is Caught Off Guard When Taggert Makes An Accusation

Portia Robinson (Brook Kerr) and Marcus Taggert (Réal Andrews) have a complicated relationship. The once married couple have a daughter, Trina Robinson (Sydney Mikayla).

Things didn’t work out between Trina’s parents, and love triangles are always messy.

General Hospital previews show Portia and Taggert discuss Jordan Ashford’s (Briana Nicole Henry) marital status with Curtis Ashford (Donnell Turner).

General Hospital spoilers reveal Portia is caught off guard when Taggert accuses her of cheating on him with Curtis. Jordan and Curtis are separated because she keeps her work life private and Curtis needs full disclosure. Taggert seems to think the reason they aren’t together is next of Portia. Although it’s true Portia cheated with Curtis on the past, that’s not the case presently.

General Hospital rumors claim Portia still has feelings for Curtis. After all, she met Curtis when she was lonely and vulnerable and hasn’t been able to shake her feelings since. The elephant in the room caused even more distance between Portia and Taggert, resulting in their inevitable split.

With Taggert moving into Jordan’s, and her separation from Curtis, GH rumors claim Curtis and Portia Will her a second chance at romance.

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