Rafe Has a Flashback

Patrick, Sabrina, and Emma were on their way home from Emma’s recital when someone ran their car off the road. Sabrina ended up going into labor at 26 weeks gestation. Sadly, after spending some time in the NICU at General Hospital, baby Gabriel passed away. Now everyone wants to know who is behind the accident that caused Patrick and Sabrina to go off the road, inadvertently killing their son.

Sam is on a mission to help her good friend Patrick figure out who did this to them. In casual conversation, Sam mentions the situation to Rafe, and at that moment he has a very strong look of guilt written all over his face.

In a recent spoiler, information suggests that Rafe has a disturbing flashback/memory. Since we have scene that he has gotten himself into bad habits like stealing money to pay for and use drugs, it isn’t far fetched to make the assumption that he was the one behind the wheel that night, causing Sabrina and Patrick’s accident. The troubled teen has been on a downward spiral ever since the death of his Mother and being rejected by the girl he loves, Molly.

Could this memory be a flashback to what happened the night of the accident? It seems as if the drugs are clouding his mind and judgement. Perhaps Rafe is the one that caused the accident. Keep watching General Hospital on ABC to find out the truth behind the drama.