General Hospital Spoilers: The Truth About Elizabeth’s Traumatic Past; Will Liz’s Parents Shed Light?

Elizabeth’s traumatic past

The truth about Elizabeth’s traumatic past is brought to the surface. Elizabeth Webber (Rebecca Herbst) has been struggling with disturbing flashbacks and unexplained behaviors.

Hamilton Finn (Michael Easton) has been by her side, trying to help her narrow down the reason she’s been struggling. Liz needs answers from people who were there at the onset of her traumatic experience.

General Hospital spoilers reveal Elizabeth Webber and her bestie Terry Randolph are headed out of Port Charles. Terry is coming along for the ride. She’s there to support her childhood friend as Elizabeth’s traumatic past bubbles to the surface. Elizabeth wants answers to the questions about her disturbing childhood trauma. Will Liz’s parents be able to offer some information to ease her mind?

Elizabeth’s traumatic past suggests a murder coverup? Did Elizabeth Push Reiko?

General Hospital comings and goings reports confirm the roles of Elizabeth Webber’s parents have been cast. Denise Crosby has been cast as Caroline Webber, while William Moses will step into the role of Jeff Webber. General Hospital spoilers Elizabeth seeks to uncover what happened long ago when she faces her parents. Elizabeth has buried her childhood trauma but she can’t escape the truth any longer. GH rumors hint Liz’s parents unveil the secret they’ve been keeping to protect her. Did Jeff and Caroline Webber cover up Reiko’s murder to save Elizabeth?

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