General Hospital Spoilers: Betsy’s Confession May Not Be What Elizabeth Is Expecting

Betsy Frank kidnapped Franco Baldwin (Roger Howarth) as a child, robbing his biological father Scotty Baldwin (Kin Shriner) years with his own son. Now that she’s back in town to mourn her son’s death a year later, she has Liz and Scotty on edge.

General Hospital spoilers reveal Betsy has a confession to make to her daughter-in-law. In recent General Hospital previews, Betsy shows up at Liz’s doorstep, telling her she deserves to know the truth. It seems too simple to buy into GH rumors making claims that Betsy is the stalker, but that doesn’t mean that what she has to say will be of any comfort.

GH rumors hint Betsy drops a bomb on Elizabeth but it won’t be what she was expecting. With Hamilton Finn (Michael Easton) by her side, Elizabeth is ready to get some answers. Unfortunately, GH spoilers and previews suggest that Liz’s stalker mystery isn’t over yet.

General Hospital Spoilers: Liz’s Stalker A Blast From Her Past?

With the help of Hamilton Finn (Michael Easton), Elizabeth Webber (Rebecca Herbst) has been wracking her brain trying to figure out who is obsessed with either her late husband Franco Baldwin (Roger Howarth) or she, herself.

General Hospital spoilers reveal Elizabeth and Finn keep working toward getting the answers they need to end this threatening situation.

General Hospital spoilers and rumors suggest that perhaps the stalker isn’t really fixated on Franco, but on Elizabeth. But who is obsessed with Liz? Back in her teen years, Elizabeth was a victim of rape. Thankfully she has Lucky Spencer (Jonathan Jackson) by her side as she dealt with the aftermath of the traumatic event. Liz was also the fixation of a Port Charles resident with major ties to the city and its people. As the brother of Sonny Corinthos (Maurice Benard) and father of Molly Lansing Davis (Haley Pullos), Ric has roots in PC.

General Hospital rumors claim Ric Lansing (Rick Hearst) could rear his head and revert to his days of obsessing over Elizabeth. Ric went into a downward spiral when his obsession with having a baby with Liz and the kidnapping of Carly Corinthos (Laura Wright).

It seems that Betsy Frank is too obvious of a choice, and Liz’s son Jake Webber seemed to be genuinely shaken by the whole thing. Why not throw us for a loop and resurface a blast from the past?

General Hospital News And Spoilers: BIG Return! Maurice Benard Drops Major Hint

Maurice Benard shares a lot on social media regarding General Hospital, along with the daily grind and special events and his personal life. GH fans can always count on Maurice to drop hints and reveals major General Hospital spoilers.

Recently, General Hospital news reports confirmed a recent General Hospital spoiler revealed by Maurice Benard. For a while now, Benard has been slipping in some hints regarding a big return that’s supposed to happen very soon.

General Hospital rumors claim that Maurice’s recent Instagram story is a major hint toward recent General Hospital comings and going’s rumors.

Benard’s IG story features a photo of himself with former GH co-star, Rick Hearst, who played the brother of Sonny Corinthos. Ric Lansing is not only Sonny’s brother, but Molly Lansing’s (Haley Pullos) biological father, and ex lover to Alexis Davis (Nancy Lee Grahn).

General Hospital news and rumors suggest that Maurice is stopping a hint regarding the big GH spoiler return. Since new GH spoilers reveal Sonny and Carly Corinthos (Laura Wright) get a surprise visitor, GH rumors jump to the assumption that Sonny’s brother, Ric, is headed back to PC.

Look for Sonny and Carly’s unexpected visitor in the upcoming weeks.

General Hospital Casting Rumors: Cameron Mathison The New Ric Lansing

Last month, General Hospital comings and goings reports confirmed that All My Children star, Cameron Mathison is joining the cast of General Hospital. General Hospital news updates reported Mathison now knows more about the role he will be playing in Port Charles.

General Hospital spoilers reveal Mathison will be back in early June after he finishes filming a Hallmark movie. This timeline reflects when he will begin filming on the set of GH at Prospect Studios.

Since no one knows who Cameron Mathison will be playing when he arrives in Port Charles, General Hospital rumors have began circulating, making claims he will replace Rick Hearst as Ric Lansing. Ric is the brother of Sonny Corinthos (Maurice Benard), and father to Alexis Davis’ (Nancy Lee Grahn) daughter, Molly Lansing Davis (Haley Pullos).

Has the mystery role of Cameron Mathison been solved? Could the rumors be true? Is there a potential story line there for Sonny’s little brother to come back to Port Charles?

General Hospital News: Haley Pullos Posts “Self Tape” On IG, Possible Audition Seeking Role Outside Of GH

General Hospital actress, Haley Pullos has grown up right before the eyes of her daytime tv audience. She joined the cast of General Hospital, as Molly Lansing Davis in 2013, at the age of 11. Molly is the daughter of Alexis Davis (Nancy Lee Grahn) and Ric Lansing (Rick Hearst).

Haley Pullos is all grow up now, as she has announced on social media that she is over the age of 18. General Hospital news reports, the over-18 actress shared a video of herself on her personal Instagram page. The type of video posted by Pullos is called, “Self Tapes.” In the video, Pullos states, “Hey I’m Haley Pullos, I’m over 18, and I’m 5’3”.“

A self tape is an audition the actor films remotely, usually requested by a casting director, and is expected to be sent back in a timely fashion. Casting Directors often provide the sides, instructions, and deadline, and then it is up to the actor to film, edit, and return it on time.

The announcement has drawn in fans, mainly complimenting the actresses physical appearance. General Hospital news and rumors have been hot lately with all the shocking casting cuts. At this time, there has been no explanation for the post, but General Hospital rumors suggest Pullos may be auditioning for another acting role. There has not been any GH news to confirm or deny regarding the actresses status with General Hospital.

General Hospital Spoilers: Ric Drops a Bomb on Sonny

Sonny’s brother Ric hasn’t always had Sonny’s best interest at heart. As of now, it remains unknown whether or not Ric can be trusted while acting as Sonny’s lawyer to get custody of Avery from Ava.

Today on General Hospital, Ric drops a bomb on Sonny. Will he be telling Sonny the truth, or is he out to hurt him?


Dropping a bomb on my #gh brother. #betterduckric

A photo posted by Rick Hearst (@rickhearst) on

General Hospital Spoilers: Sonny’s Shooting; The Aftermath And Morgan’s Revenge

Morgan’s revenge for Sonny’s shooter
GH Spoilers: Morgan’s Revenge For Sonny’s Shooter

At this point there isn’t much that Sonny’s family can do. So the Corinthos clan just has to wait, hope, and pray, as the head of their family (pun intended) fights for his life.

GH recaps highlight Sonny and Carly’s wedding day drama. It was supposed to be a happy day full of love and family. Instead, Sonny was shot on the day he was supposed to marry his love, Carly. The two were preparing for their 5th wedding to one another. According to the recent GH recaps, Sonny risked his life to save TJ Ashford. Sonny promised his friend and enforcer, Shawn, that he would protect the boy and he did just that.

Morgan’s Revenge

General Hospital spoilers reveal that the aftermath of Sonny’s shooting will make a huge impact on the lives in Port Charles. First, Sonny’s youngest son Morgan faces whether or not he will be diagnosed with bipolar disorder, just like his dad. So far, signs are pointing to yes. Morgan is displaying some of the same characteristics that would lead to a bipolar diagnosis. After Sonny was shot, Morgan was beside himself with grief and anger. The thought of losing his dad has his mind spinning out of control… so much that he will go to extreme measures to get justice.

According to GH previews, Morgan is ready to end Julian’s life. He’s out for revenge and won’t let anyone deter him from getting justice for Sonny. Moreover, General Hospital spoilers indicate that Sonny’s incident will adversely affect many lives in Port Charles. As a result of the incident, the Jason Morgan reveal will begin to unravel. Sam, Maxie, and Ric, have already started to notice the similarities between Jake Doe and Jason Morgan right after the shooting on the pier.

Furthermore, GH rumors claim that Sonny’s story line has set the stage for November Sweeps. As previously reported, GH spoilers indicate the Jason Morgan reveal takes place during that time.

To find out more about how and when Jason will be revealed, keep watching General Hospital every day for the exciting outcome!

What’s Next for Sonny Corinthos? Will He Make it Out Alive?

SonnysurviveSocial media and fans sites are blowing up with the current General Hospital story line involving Sonny and the entire Corinthos family. Fans are up in arms at the possibility of losing their favorite mobster, Port Charles mob boss, Sonny Corinthos. What is going to happen next for Sonny and the rest of the Corinthos clan?

Sonny’s life is hanging by a thread as Carly, Michael, Morgan, Sam, and Jake, wait helplessly at the hospital. Ric is causing trouble for Carly and her kids, trying to minimize the importance she, Michael, and Morgan, have in Sonny’s life. Amidst all the family drama going on between Ric and the rest of Sonny’s loved ones, the fact still remains that Sonny is fighting for his life. At this point, no one is certain whether he will live or die, or if his life will forever be changed after surgery. General Hospital spoilers reveal that there is a possibility that Sonny will become paralyzed. The surgery may save his life, but there is a risk that Sonny may never walk again.

We want the fans to weigh in. What do you think will happen to Sonny? If he lives, will he ever walk again?


General Hospital Spoilers: Madeline Makes Her Move On Ric

RicMadelineIn the upcoming General Hospital Promo, General Hospital spoilers are revealed in this video clip. Here you will see Nina’s (Michelle Stafford) mother, Madeline Reeves (Donna Mills) back in Port Charles. She is working with Ric Lansing (Rick Hearst) in a scheme for Nina’s money, but that isn’t the only thing she is doing with Ric. Apparently Madeline can’t stop getting in between Nina and her men… this time around Madeline tries to seduce Nina’s new husband.

Check out General Hospital’s latest promo for GH spoilers and previews!

General Hospital Spoilers: Ric is Threatened by Hayden

So far, things seem to be going swimmingly for Ric Lansing. He set his plan in motion and it is accomplishing his goal for getting Elizabeth away from Jake (Jason Morgan). Although Ric is unaware that Jake Doe is actually Jason Morgan, he is still hell bent on keeping him out of Liz’s reach. Ric wants his chance at love with Elizabeth and he is doing everything in his power to make that happen.

Hayden has been pretending to be Jake’s long lost wife, as she was hired by Ric to do just that. Apparently, Hayden hasn’t been properly compensated for a job well done at this point in time, and she is out for payment. She makes a threat for Ric to pay up or else… would she dare spill Ric’s secret and blow the entire thing out of the water?

This week on General Hospital, things may start to unravel for Ric. Will he be able to keep Liz once she finds out he is behind this scam involving Hayden and Jake?