Robin Returns!

This week we saw the return of Robin Scorpio Drake! Robin is out from her coma and strong enough to reach out to her family. The intensity had me at the edge of my seat. I was so nervous watching how slowly she was talking to Emma, and when Emma put the phone down I wanted to scream! I just want to punch that woman keeping her captive in the face. Don’t even get me started on Duke. I want him light years away from Anna and Port Charles all together. He is such a creep, not only for what he is doing to the Scorpio family, but what he did to Jason.

It is so great to see Kimberly McCullough back and a part of GH. I hope she sticks around for the Nurses Ball. Having all these characters/actors back makes for some great soap opera watching.


GIF by: lovablesinss.tumblr.com