General Hospital Spoilers: Jordan Anticipates Bloodshed, Makes A Call To Have Trina Under Protection

Jordan wants Trina protected

Trina’s in danger! Trina Robinson (Tabyana Ali) knows she is the hook killer’s main target. She doesn’t quite understand why anyone would have it out for her so badly that they even have to hurt her friends and supporters.

General Hospital rumors hint Rory Cabrera is involved in some sneaky, underhanded behavior linked to the hook killings. Previous GH rumors speculate Rory is working with Assistant District Attortney Arden in her vendetta against Trina. However, new developments suggest there is a new theory surrounding Rory’s involvement. Some say Rory is too good to be true while others say his feelings for Trina are real. While the latter might be true, that doesn’t mean he isn’t a secret creep. It could be that Rory knows all about the hook killer but will do what it takes to protect Trina.

Some GH rumors speculate Rory was under Victor’s order. Whether willingly or not, he would know details and possibly even the suspect herself. It could be that despite being involved, at the end of it all, he’ll still want to protect Trina. It all sounds a bit complex. We still believe Rory is definitely bad news, although his feelings for Trina are real. They may be so real thar his obsession turns fatal. Regardless, Trina’s in danger.

General Hospital previews indicate Jordan calls out a warning because Trina is in danger. As the main target, Trina will be the hook killer’s victim sooner rather than later.