General Hospital Spoilers: Rory Is “It”- Rory Reveals Himself As The Hook Killer

Rory is the hook killer

Rory is the hook killer! It’s becoming more and more apparent as we are zeroing in on the prime suspect. It won’t be long before the hook killer strikes again, but this time gets caught!

General Hospital spoilers reveal Rory drops major hints alluding toward the hook killer’s identity. GH recaps recall his conversation over dinner with Trina. Their table talk takes an interesting turn when Rory explains a typical holiday gathering with his family.

General Hospital rumors tease Rory’s description of a simple game of tag has a much deeper and darker meaning. he refers to himself as “It” in a game where someone always gets caught. Rory calls his little cousins “maniacs” and tells Trina he’ll let her win. The correlation between the hook killer chasing people around Port Charles and “It” seems pretty obvious. Just like the hook killer, “It” chases a specific target until they all turn on him. Rory’s uses the game of tag as an innuendo for his twisted game. His interest in cosplay also serves as clue toward his he wants to see which Port Charles “maniac” has what it takes to win. He might hold a true fondness for Trina, which explains why he wants to let her win.

General Hospital spoilers and speculations connect Rory to the hook killings, claiming Rory is the hook killer! Will he really let Trina win?