General Hospital News And Spoilers: Jon Lindstrom Thanks On-Screen Lady Love; Bids Farewell To Ryan Chamberlain

Ryan Chamberlain is really dead

Ryan Chamberlain is really dead. It’s finally over. Decades of heinous crimes came to an end. In 1992, Jon Lindstrom joined the General Hospital cast as Ryan Chamberlain. From the start, the role was dark and twisted.

Obsession, infatuation, and fatal attraction describe Ryan Chamberlain’s motivation in life. Over the years, Ryan tormented women, stalked, chased, captured, and even committed murder. At any given point, Ryan could strike and his innocent victims pay the price. And before Ava, there was Felicia Jones (Kristina Wagner).

General Hospital recaps recall Ryan Chamberlain was one to fear since the early 90s. His deranged behavior kept Port Charles on high alert, but he could never fully be stopped. Three years after Ryan arrived in PC, his twin brother Kevin Collins was introduced to the scene in 1995. Lindstrom, already playing Ryan, signed up for double duty when he took on his second GH role.

Today, Jon addressed the end of Ryan’s reign of terror. Ryan Chamberlain is as D E A D as can be. There won’t be some sort of soap opera logic that will bring him back down the road. Truly, Ryan Chamberlain is gone for good. However, Lindstrom’s General Hospital status remains active.

General Hospital spoilers Ryan Chamberlain is really dead. According to recent General Hospital comings and goings, Lindstrom’s time as Ryan is over. GH news reveals that Ryan’s portrayer’s recent tweet confirmed the death of his character. However, Ryan’s twin Kevin Collins isn’t going anywhere.

Ryan spent his recent days fatally attracted to Ava Jerome. Except, this time, he himself met his fate. In his tweet, Jon thanked his on-screen lady love. The star gave Maura West a shout out, stating, “Thanks for the fun, Maura! It’s been a slice. ????” He finished his tweet with GH related hashtags such as #GH60 and #TheEndHasCome