General Hospital News and Spoilers: It’s Unanimous! SAG•AFTRA Reports Writer’s and Actor’s Strikes Are Over!

SAG AFTRA Reports Actor’s and Writer’s Strike Is Over
SAG AFTRA reports actor’s and writer’s strikes are over

It’s been about a half of a year since the WGA announced the industry’s eighth writer’s strike since the 1950s. In early May, the buzz around Hollywood and beyond had reached our living rooms. The average everyday viewer became concerned about what this all means for their favorite shows. Then, the actor’s followed suit! Leading to the Actor’s strike.

People started asking questions about the strike and the potential impact. The strike impacts writers and their corresponding applications. For instance, General Hospital and other network Soap Operas film differently than other genres. Daytime dramas are fast-paced and high energy. Therefore, their aggressive pace sets Soap Operas weeks ahead of airing. But even with the grace period, General Hospital’s writers material ran out and that’s when alternative writer’s stepped in.

SAG AFTRA Reports Writer’s and Actor’s Strikes Are Over

After 6 long months, General Hospital news reports confirmed that The Writer’s Strike is officially over. Finally, an agreement has been made between the WGA and the Alliance of Motion Picture and Television Producers (AMPTP). The official SAG•AFTRA Instagram account announced that the picket locations are closed, and the strike is officially suspended as of 12:01am on November 9th.

Thankfully, the worst is over regarding the 6 month old strike. And we no longer need to worry about what might happen if ratings decline during this delicate time. Previously, GH Blog passed along early details of the strike. The information provided was to let us know the risks if the fans stop watching General Hospital. As only one of four Soap Operas left on television, as Days only airs on Peacock, it’s imperative that we keep ratings up to avoid cancellation.

Take a look at the messages shared by SAG•AFTRA as the organization spreads the good news. Finally, the worry is over. Now writer’s and fellow actors can return to work!

Actor’s and Writer’s strikes are over

General Hospital News and Spoilers: The WGA and AMPTP Reach Agreement ????????

The WGA and AMPTP Reach Agreement
The WGA and AMPTP Reach Agreement

The fate of the film industry was unclear just a few short months ago when the WGA went on strike this past May. Fast forward through Summer and the outlook seems brighter. Thankfully, conflict between the Writer’s Guild Association and Alliance of Motion Picture and Television Producers has been settled after nearly five months.

Reportedly, the WGA and AMPTP made a deal based on the tentative agreement that was reached. Still, the deal must await approval before the strike officially ends.

Details surrounding the film industry’s writer’s strike agreement have not yet been released. Technically, the WGA remains on strike but picketing ends. The strike is on until the negotiations committee votes. Until then, on whether to pass the agreement on to the WGAW Board and WGAE Council for approval. Evidently, negotiations were at a standstill over AI and staffing elements.

As for the actors, the SAG-AFTRA remains on strike and heads back to negotiate with AMPTP. So far, the WGA members will not return to work until their fellow actors reach an agreement as well. Check back for more updates regarding the final stages to end the strike.

General Hospital News: SAG-AFTRA Supports WGA, Actors May Strike Next As Is Agreement Due To Expire

Will actors strike

The SAG-AFTRA supports a fair deal for the WGA. Will actors strike next? As if the writer’s strike wasn’t enough to get an audience into a frenzy, another influential strike could be on the horizon. On May 2nd, The Writers Guild Of America went on strike. Now, the future of our favorite shows hangs in the balance. Thankfully, General Hospital episodes are filmed about 4-6 weeks in advance for some leeway. But freelance writers have stepped in during this time, and the show goes on.

General Hospital fans standby as the storylines keep rolling. Currently, freelance lawyers continue to write futures for our factors characters, but soon that may come to a halt. Recent General Hospital news reports mention a new concern. Now, GH spoilers point out that the contract between the actors union (SAG-AFTRA) and Alliance of Motion Picture and Television Producers (AMPTP) ends on June 30th.

On June 5th, an alarming 97% of SAG-AFTRA members are in favor to authorize a strike if the AMPTP cannot reach an agreement with the union. According to the latest developments, General Hospital news reports reveal that SAG-AFTRA members stand united for their cause. In fact, SAG-AFTRA President, Fran Drescher, gave her statement. “Together we lock elbows and in unity, we build a new contract that honors our contributions in this remarkable industry, reflects the new digital and streaming business model, and brings all our concerns for protections and benefits into the now!”

At this time there are no new developments. However, come June 30th the parties involved should have further insight. Keep checking in with General Hospital Blog for the latest!