Sam and Carly Friends?

We all saw the bonding moment that Sam and Carly had on Tuesday’s 5/2/12, and I for one thought it was a great idea to finally have these two women interact like civil adults instead of screeching cats. Carly to Sam: “Oh God…I think we just had a girlfriend moment.” Building a friendship between Sam and Carly would probably spark enough interest as the beginning of a brewing new couple. These two have been at opposite ends of the spectrum for so many years, seeing them finally let their walls down and develop trust and understanding with one another would be really fun and interesting. I am all for watching friends hang out and have each other’s backs. We get to see it once in a while, then it seems to fade. Maxie and Lulu, Alexis and Diane, and even Jason and Sonny. Back in the day we had Carly and Courtney and I loved the way they would just eat, gossip, and hang out like girlfriends do. Obviously everyone loves the fighting and the drama, but it’s also nice to see a lighter side of things a midst all the darkness. Sam and Carly are going through tons of dark drama and maybe the light of a new understanding and the possibility of a friendship can help them get through their hard times.