JaSam Reunion in the Works

┬áJason Morgan and Samantha McCall because one of the biggest daytime super couples of the early 2000s. Their love story was full of romance, drama, action, twists and turns, humor, happiness, loss, and everything that make a couple a “Super Couple.” Social media took this couple’s love story by storm and soon enough, every fanfiction all pointed to one thing… JaSam is endgame. JaSam became the ship name for Jason and Sam and is now used when referring to the epic pair.

Before and after they finally got married, Jason and Sam had been through the best of times along with the absolute worst. Jason was there for Sam when she lost her baby Lila, Sam was there for Jason when his health was taking a turn for the worse, and the couple was even terrorized by psycho artist, Franco, just to name a few.

Sam finally got pregnant but it was far from a dream pregnancy. Since being stalked and terrorized by Franco, Jason and Sam were led to believe that Sam’s baby was a product of rape and not Jason’s child. After Jason “died” Sam found out that baby Danny was indeed Jason’s. Since Sam believes Jason to be dead, she has no choice but the live with the fact that Jason never got to know that they boy they both love, Danny, was actually his son and not Franco’s.

We all know that Jason is far from dead. He is alive and well and under Helena’s spell. Although he is walking among the residents of Port Charles, no one knows, not even “Jake” himself, that he is Jason Morgan, husband to Sam, father to Danny. In recent episodes, Jake is having memories and flashbacks of his old life and the people in it. This week on General Hospital, Jason was ordered to kill Sam by Helena Cassadine. While in Sam’s penthouse, his memory allowed him to see Robin and have flashbakcs of putting an engagement ring on Sam.

It’s pretty obvious that Jake is getting closer to discovering his own true identity. As Jason’s flashbacks bring him closer to finding out the truth, Sam may not be too far behind. I mean really, how can she not know that the man she has had conversations with is actually her husband. Will Sam figure out Jake is really Jason before he does?

True JaSam fans cannot even contain their excitement as they sit back and wait for Jason and Sam to have their epic reunion. Fear not, the reveal is inevitable. General Hospital spoilers indicate that Jason will be remembering who is is very soon.