General Hospital Spoilers: Maxie’s On The Move?! Maxie Gets An Offer She Can’t Refuse!?

Sam offers Maxie help

August 10th GH spoilers! Sam offers Maxie help! …Maxie Jones (Kirsten Storms) balances single mom-life and work-life with grace. She’s had her share of hope and heartache, so she’s ready for something good.

General Hospital recaps recall Maxie’s recent struggle with space. As her children grow and take up more room around their apartment, it becomes in easily difficult to maneuver through the chaos. Currently, Georgie and James are at sensitive ages where they argue more often than any adult would like. And of course, little Bailey Lou’s toys and other essentials take up space as well.

According to GH previews, Sam McCall (Kelly Monaco) has a solution to one of Maxie’s problems. Could Maxie have confided in Sam about her living situation? GH spoilers and rumors tease that Maxie and the kids feel a bit cramped. So, Sam offers Maxie help. Will this be an offer Maxie can’t refuse? The last time I checked, Sam wasn’t in the Real Estate business. But GH rumors hint that Sam’s solution has something to do with Maxie’s current situation with her apartment. A mom of three needs more space, and Sam might have the perfect fix. Is Maxie moving out of the apartment she shared with Nathan West? (Ryan Paevey).