Messy Hair and a Leather Jacket

Yesterday on General Hospital, Alexis described her emotional experience of her 16 year old pregnancy and they way she met Sam’s Father. With tears in her eyes, Alexis told her daughter how she would never forget the day she was born and how she felt when she was forced to give her away.¬†She told Sam she never got to know the boy’s name but described him as having messy hair and a leather jacket.

Molly and Rafe were playing the Ouija board and Molly asked the spirit of Rafe’s Father if he knew who Sam’s Dad was. To Molly and Rafe’s surprise, the answer was yes, and the letter that was introduced was J. Hmmmm…

Watch General Hospital this week to find out more about who Sam’s Father is!




Photo from lookforastar.tumblr.com