General Hospital News And Spoilers: Kelly Monaco Claps Back At Online Haters!

Fresh of the heels of Laura Wright’s announcement regarding taking a break from social media, this latest General Hospital news story involves hate filled social media incident. Online haters have no filter when it comes to the things they spew out at the expense of those who put themselves out there in the spotlight.

Previously, General Hospital news reports confirmed that GH leading lady, Laura Wright (Carly Corinthos), announced she is taking a break from social media due to the incessant online hate she receives from so-called General Hospital fans.

General Hospital news and spoilers reveal “fans” are at it again, using Twitter as a way to be hateful towards the very people they claim to be fans of, and whom they watch almost daily on TV.

General Hospital spoilers have revealed Kelly Monaco’s statement, clapping back at the haters who personally attacked the actress’s fashion on the show.

A Twitter user tweeted to the official GH Twitter page, along with Sam Morgan’s portrayer, Kelly Monaco, to express their dislike for what “Sam” has been wearing. The Twitter user brings attention to Sam’s skirt and “skimpy top,” at the Metro Court pool. Kelly Monaco didn’t hesitate to jump in and defend herself, her character, and women as a whole, against the judgmental hater who decided to tear down another woman.

The users unfiltered and hateful tweet, along with Monaco’s defensive response can be views below.

It’s disappointing to know that at this stage in our society, we still have those people who will not hold back when it comes to negatively judging others, and continue to put others down. It’s time we rise above and support one another as opposed to tearing others down.

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