General Hospital Spoilers: Cue The “More Than Friends” Music- Cody And Sasha Catch Feelings

Sasha and Cody catch feelings

Sasha and Cody catch feelings for one another!? Can anyone put a timeframe on grief? To lose someone you love changes you in ways never imagined. For Sasha Gilmore (Sofia Mattsson), the grieving process is ongoing. So, how will she know if and when shes’s ready to move on after Brando Corbin’s (Johnny Wactor) death?

General Hospital recaps revisit Sasha’s struggles. Prior to losing her husband, Sasha and Brando suffered the loss of their newborn son, Liam. The unthinkable tragedy along with Sasha’s substance abuse history created the perfect storm for her downfall. And through it all, Brando was right by her side. Sadly, Sasha’s downward spiral resulted in a court ordered conservatorship. Quite literally, Brando became his wife’s everything.

Sasha and Cody Catch Feelings

As a whole, there’s no denying the love between Sasha and Brando. But, at some point moving on is inevitable. General Hospital fans noticed a tell-all clue that Sasha soon moves on. Observant viewers recognized background music during Sasha and Cody’s scene on the March 8th episode. Historically, the type of background sound played at that time is possibly a major hint for what’s to come. According to General Hospital spoilers and rumors, the specific sound alludes to two people who have potential for more than friendship.

Fans are rooting for Sasha to find happiness. With so much loss in her life, Sasha grieves her own way. Only time will tell if and when she’s ready to find love again.