General Hospital Spoilers: Now Hiring! Port Charles Cosmetics Company Seeks New Spokesperson

Who will become the new Face of Deception
Who will become the new Face of Deception

Over the course of existence, society has formed a generalized opinion on the Modeling Industry. The elite group became subject to public scrutiny, stereotyping, baseless speculation and opinions, along with a strict list of prerequisites.

The ever-evolving Modeling Industry looks much different than it had all of those years ago. Still, the shift in the public’s opinion is seemingly minimal. Today, the uniquely talented individuals, or professional models (also known as Supermodels), remain subjected to unfair assessments and assumptions about their career. Sadly, Port Charles’s leading cosmetics company faces a new challenge.

Now Hiring:

Deception Cosmetics! Who Will Become The New Face Of Deception?

Who will become the new Face of Deception

The company’s Spokeswoman, Sasha Gilmore, and her sidekick Cody Bell called it quits after Sasha’s last photo shoot. Unfortunately, the photographer was looking for more of an edgy look, and Sasha was as giving more sweet and wholesome.

GH recaps recall that Cody was as the first to throw in the towel. Then, Sasha got to thinking and decided that she’s done being under a microscope. Her days as The Face of Deception are over. As a result, Deception’s Executive Team seeks out a new Face.

Do you have what it takes to take on your dreams? Could YOU be the next Face of Deception?

General Hospital Spoilers: Sasha’s Headed To Jail?! Sasha Admits She Needs Help, Is It Too Late To Skip Serving Time For Her Crimes?

Every time Sasha Gilmore (Sofia Mattsson) has a public meltdown, one can only think she’s finally hit rock bottom.

General Hospital recaps recall Sasha’s disastrous incidents which resulted in not only personal and professional embarrassment, but harm and destruction to others.

General Hospital spoilers reveal Sasha is finally ready to receive the help she needs after rejecting Brando Corbin’s (Johnny Wactor) legal proposal presented by Martin Gray (Michael E. Knight). Her latest outburst in public when discussing her role at Deception with Founder, Lucy Coe, has left Sasha vulnerable and in desperate need. Thankfully she has Brando on her side.

General Hospital rumors hint it may be too late for Sasha to get out of paying the price for her actions. Public disturbance and destruction of property are crimes in which require time served. Is Sasha headed to jail and is Brando ready to handle what’s next?