General Hospital Spoilers: Gladys Is Up To Her Old Tricks, Sonny Protects Sasha

Gladys turns on Sasha
Sonny Sasha Gladys Selina

Gladys turns on Sasha! Sasha Gilmore (Sofia Mattsson) has been trying to keep her head above water through every tidal wave. Through it all, Sasha’s husband Brando Corbin (Johnny Wactor) would throw her a life buoy, pulling her in while she was drowning.

General Hospital spoilers reveal Sasha’s struggles lead to a downward spiral. Drugs, the pressures of being the ‘Face of Deception,’ and unfathomable loss contributed her current situation. Sasha could depend on Brando to be there for her when life got dark. More importantly, she trusted him with her entire life.

General Hospital recaps recall Sasha’s brave decision to put her life in his hands. Unfortunately, she suffered another devastating loss and Brando can no longer be her savior.

Sasha’s mother-in-law Gladys Corbin (Bonnie Burroughs) had a history of shady behavior throughout her relationship with her family. Greed had taken over her mind as she was driven by jealousy. Gladys wanted what her cousin Sonny Corinthos (Maurice Benard) had and nothing would stand in her way to get what she wanted. She proved over and over that she didn’t care who would be compromised in her quest to get to the top. Gladys would preach the importance of family but rarely practiced her own advice.

Finally, after watching the loss and suffering endured by her son and his wife, Gladys began to put things into perspective. For a while it was safe to say she even changed her ways. Greedy Gladys was in the past but remained at the core of her nature. Sonny called his cousin out at her son Brando’s funeral. He made mention of how she’s changed for the better, but, reminded Gladys that the greed lies within her.

Gladys turns on Sasha

General Hospital spoilers reveal Gladys turns on Sasha at the opportunity to acquire a life full of shiny things. Sasha turned over control her estate to Gladys after Brando’s unexpected passing. Her mother-in-law had been displaying selfless acts of kindness that lead Sasha to believe she had her best interest at heart. Sonny worries Gladys is back to her old tricks as her desire to roll with the big dogs outs Sasha’s estate and well being at risk.

General Hospital rumors hint Gladys is keen on the idea to join forces with Selina Wu (Lydia Look). Sonny has gotten wind of Gladys’s intentions and sees right through her. Will Sonny be able to stop Gladys before she uses Sasha’s assets in dealings with Selina Wu?

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