General Hospital News And Spoilers: Sofia Mattsson Ends Maternity Leave, Carries Around Baby Bump

Last month, General Hospital news reports confirmed the latest GH comings and goings updates regarding Sofia Mattsson.

It was announced that the GH actress would be stepping off the canvas temporarily, due to maternity leave. General Hospital spoilers revealed that her character, Sasha Gilmore, was said to have been in bed rest during her absence from the soap opera.

Recent GH news revealed Sofia returned to the show after being on maternity leave, while her character, Sasha, remains pregnant.

In a recent Instagram post, Mattsson shared a pic of herself wearing a fake baby bump. She no longer has her own bump since giving birth. General Hospital spoilers reveal she has explained that Sasha is wearing a fake pregnancy prop.

Sofia’s caption reads, “So happy and excited to be back at my favorite place 🎬💜 And this fake belly is a lot lighter to wear than the real one! 🤪”

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