General Hospital News: Save GH! GH’s Tristan Rogers Pleads For Help From Fans

General Hospital vet Tristan Rogers (Robert Scorpio) took to Twitter to encourage fans to show their support for the 56 year old Daytime Drama. Rogers tells fans to make comments pertaining to the show, even if they are negative. Negative feedback is still feedback which will help in the development and growth of the show in order to appeal to the masses.

If you watch General Hosptial via DVR or Hulu, please take the time to tweet to ABC Executive Nathan Varni @nathanvarni to let TPTB know GH is being viewed. You can also tweet Nathan with any concerns you may have so that they get passed along to other executives at the network.

Bottom line is, if you love General Hospital and don’t want to see ratings slip, ultimately putting the shows survival in jeopardy, make sure to stay involved. Use Official General Hospital social media accounts along with major fan pages (i.e. General Hospital Blog) to show that fans are still very active in watching and discussing the show.