General Hospital News: Steve Burton Announces The Comeback of Port Chuck

Last month, General Hospital’s Steve Burton made an announcement on social media, informing fans that his band with current and former co-stars would be saying goodbye. The announcement caused some confusion among fans, as they dressed the thought of Steve Burton saying goodbye to his character, Jason Morgan, on GH. Thankfully, Burton followed up with another announcement, clearing up the General Hospital rumors, which caused confusion for the fans.

General Hospital news and spoilers announce another update regarding Burton’s band, Port Chuck. Burton, Brandon Barash, Scott Reeves, and Bradford Anderson, are picking up their microphones for another entertaining night of music!

Join the guys exclusively on PATREON! Check out the details below from Stevens Instagram!


General Hospital News: Steve Burton Says Goodbye To Port Chuck, Thanks Co-Stars For ‘The Best Times Of My Life’

Actor Steve Burton has played Jason Quartermaine/Morgan for two and a half decades. A few years back, Steve left General Hospital to focus on family, and moved to Tennessee. Fast forward a few years later, and GH fans were over the moon when General Hospital news reported the return of Steve Burton and his character, Jason Morgan, to GH.

Throughout his years on the popular Daytime Drama, Burton former friendships and bonds with many of his co-stars, becoming real life friends.

In 2010, General Hospital co-starts and friends, Steve Burton, Brandon Barash (Johnny Zacchara), Bradford Anderson (Damian Spinelli), and Scott Reeves (Steven Webber), formed a bands names, “Port Chuck.” The band was named after the fictional NY city on GH, the infamous, Port Charles. The band toured across the country, gaining popularity quickly. Scott Reeves lewd the group musically, as he was originally part of a band called, Blue Country. It didn’t take long for Anderson, Barash, and Burton, to become rock stars.

Barash and Reeves have moved on from GH, while Anderson and Burton remain on the ever popular soap opera as their iconic roles, Jason and Spinelli.

Unfortunately, General Hospital news announced they are hanging up their Port Chuck gig. The band has decided to call it quits, but Steve Burton and Damian Spinelli continue to work together on GH, and on their podcast, Stonecold and The Jackal.


Goodbye Dr. Steven Webber aka Steven Lars

Well Heather has really outdone herself this time. After attacking Olivia with a knife for “getting in the way” of her relationship with her son whom she refers to as Steven Lars, she accidentally stabbed the knife into Steve’s abdomen just as Olivia saw in her vision. Who knows what will happen with Heather’s sanity (or lack thereof) after she faces responsibility for killing her own son.

Scott Reeves who plays Dr. Webber made an announcement a few months back that he was let go from General Hospital. R.I.P. Dr. Steven Webber.

General Hospital Blog Meets Scott Reeves! GH’s Dr. Steven Webber

General Hospital’s Dr. Steven Webber, or as Heather likes to call him, Steven Lars, played by Scott Reeves was at the Stars and Stripes Festival in Mt. Clemens Michigan for a meet and greet. I was lucky enough to scoot right out of work and head to the festival to meet him. It was a really fun experience, Scott was very nice to all his fans and was happy to be out meeting the people who support GH. We discussed the new time slot, fans, GH history, and Port Chuck. He said they really want Michigan to be part of future Port Chuck tours, and we threw around some possible venues in Detroit and Royal Oak for the show to be held. I hope Michigan gets to rock to some Port Chuck sooner than later! All in all it was great meeting Scott Reeves and I was happy to express my love for GH and my gratitude toward his hard work on the show. Thanks Scott!!!