General Hospital News And Spoilers: Take A Look Inside Marcus Coloma’s Morning Routine!

How does one become a Prince? And not just any Prince, but a dark and mysterious Prince. A Fresh Prince? What gets General Hospital star, Marcus Coloma aka Nikolas Cassadine, ready to tackle his day as himself as well as his iconic role on ABC’s GH?

General Hospital spoilers reveal the answers! In a recent Instagram post, Coloma shared a video, highlighting the tasks he takes on in the morning in order to open the door for the possibilities life can bring.

General Hospital news reports reveal Marcus has a morning routine which sets the stage for his entire day. Starting off with a healthy breakfast smoothie, writing down daily goals, and taking care of himself from the inside out are all part of Marcus Coloma’s morning routine. What will you do to open the door to life’s many possibilities?!

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