General Hospital News: GH Actor John D. Reilly Dies

General Hospital has been on television for 57 years. Some cast members have been a part of the story for many years, some from the very beginning, and others for a good chunk of time, creating unforgettable memories.

Actor John D. Reilly joined the cast of General Hospital in 1984, and played Sean Donnelly from 1984-1994. Sean and Tiffany (Sharon Wyatt) were the It couple back in the day. Reilly is also know for his roles in Passions and Sunset Beach.

General Hospital Blog regretfully reports the passing of GH star, John D. Reilly, at age 84. General Hospital spoilers reveal, Reilly’s daughter, actress and TikTok influencer, Caitlin Reilly, made the announcement of her father’s passing on her Instagram page.

John will truly be missed!

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